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Home security photoset 3
Security breaches June 2006

All the photos indicate security inadequacy based on lack of knowledge.

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How does your home compare?

These photos tend to show you the violence that felons will do to your property. Usually the cost of repairs or replacement would be more than the value of the stolen items. Obviously the house would be unoccupied during the day. This damage would not be at night if the occupants were home.
Remains of a locked door with the split off piece in the next frame.
Its easier to kick in the door than unlock the lock
Remains of the door lock.
Interior glass paned door smashed to gain access to a room.
Remains of the door.
Interior doors are usually wooden frame with hardboard covering the interior which comprise cardboard egg crate filler. This door is designed to keep out the draught and give privacy. It has no security value. Note the black marks on the panel. This is a result of many kick with a rubber shoe.
The locks holds in the frame. Kicking breaks the door away from the lock.
It may be better to leave interior doors unlocked and avoid damage.
If the alarm is sounding however a locked door would delay access to some sections of the house.
A panel door from the other side.
You may note (enlarge) there is also kick marks of the cupboard door. It was probly locked and no entry was gained. I do not have details of these events, I am only able to examine the photos supplied to me by the SAPS
A damaged stable door. These are usually at the rear/concealed side of your property. Please consider fencing from the sides of your house to your boundary with your neighbour. It would not be expensive and could prevent access to the rear of your property and deter a felon.


This is an accordion type security gate. It has no top or bottom track and being cheaper does not give much protection. It just keeps the dogs out and the children in. Note in the 2 photos the lock is still fastened to the wall but has become detached from the gate and should not be used for exterior protection. It would be suitable for use in the passage to prevent access to the bedrooms if you were sleeping.
Door with out a lock
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