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Home security photoset 2
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The Aftermath

This door has the appearance of wood but comprises metal and other components and fits into a metal frame. The handle switch illuminates the key entry There are a variety of doors from R2000 to R4000. The one illustrated has a grill facility to allow air circulation.
When the main lock is activated there are 4 other locks which secure to the door frame. Note These doors were on display at the Homes and Gardens Show. They are available from "Castle" baths. Tel 3055073. mention that you saw them here. Well worth considering!

Note the attempt at the bottom centre to jemmy the guard from the wooden frame

Wall panel forced out. Often wall panels are loose and have very little fitting into the post groove. Check yours and epoxy if required.
The steel door is bolted to a hole in the brick wall. It is easy to break the brick and open the gate. Is your gate the same?  The wall panel on the garden inside the fence.
This lock was hanging down and is easily destroyed. Any lock that is accessible from the outside of the gate offers you no protection and is easily damaged

Older type steel gate which has been 'pulled' at the bottom to allow a child or small person to wriggle through.
Fit a 'garden' gate bolt (R10) to all your exterior doors. Note the difference between this and  the old brass one below. Drill 6mm holes through the woodwork and fix with 6mm gutter bolts for added strength.

A heavier steel gate has also been 'pulled' to gain entry. Same person as above perhaps.
This lock with a long bolt action requires a key to open it on both sides. The bolt extends 4cm into the door frame and would be difficult to damage with a jemmy bar. Panel door smashed through to gain entry. Note nails for temporary repairs.
The latch plate is the area of attack. When this has been damaged the the door lock has nothing to hold it. Its time a heavier gauge plate was used.

Good strong lock which is very difficult to damage

Total destruction of the lock and door. Wood is not strong under these conditions. A metal gate must be considered to prevent contact with the door.


With this lock being accessible to the road it is your main defense. It would be better to use the circular lock above to resist impact from the tools below.

Its time to remove any item that will give access to your tiled roof. If its a tree cut it back. Tiles are easily removed and entry made through the ceiling. Exit will be made through any door with the key available.

 Its not illegal to sell or posses tools of this nature. They exert great leverage on your wooden doors and locks

Typical old style window guards secured with short wood screws which are easily forced and metal guard removed.  

The bolt of a steel security door relied on the hole in the brickwork. Poor choice that resulted in a break-in. The steel plate was added afterwards.

Widow guards with short wood screws. In addition entry is easily gained by smashing the unguarded center window and gaining entry.

Its time you attended the public meetings.

 The Community Police Forum's need your attendance.



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