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Favourite point of attack is the locking plate. If it is levered off the door opens. (See A below)

Same point of attack. Fitting a large bolt on the inside of doors will assist in preventing the door opening. Particularly kitchen and all outside doors should be done.

 1. It would be easy for criminals to climb onto the wall and lift the tiles on the shallow pitch roof. The ceiling board offers no resistance to entry. (see ceiling photo)

 2. Same house. The expanding door offers very little protection to the wooden door. The lock plate on the wooden jamb is easily levered away from the wood

 3.Inside the same house. The panel of  the door leaning against the window. The panels are held in position by 1/4 round beading  5 to 7 mm and secured with panel pins (small nails). Wonderful 30 years ago. Useless now.


4.The door has a steel gate. The glass windows on the RHS does not have any protection. The beading around the glass has been removed. Glass placed against the door. Note the CHUBB warning on the wall. Was the owner  given any security advice?
How would you like to come home and find every room in shambles? Every cupboard and drawer turned out as the thieves search for your valuable items. Of course the first prize will be a firearm that you forgot to remove from under the pillow, next will be money or jewelery. DVD's and VCR's are acceptable, (for resale). If they do not urinate or defecate in your house you may be lucky. Its time you examined your security, get some advice from Westville Locksmiths. If you have purchased a property and upgrading of the locks should be considered. Make your property difficult to enter. Its cheaper in the long run. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

A. The locking plate, sometimes referred to as the striker plate, is normally fixed with two 13mm long screws. A jemmy bar can remove this plate and the screws in under 1 second without any noise.  The door is now open and fully accessible. These fittings were never designed for today's situation.  A simple improvement is to drill an extra hole near the centre of the plate and use 3 x 75mm screws.  

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