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 Welcome to Westbeat - The Westville CPF Web site's  News page.
Your report back pages where you may pass on your good news and your bad news about crime in the Westville CPF area. Your experience will be a warning to others, We welcome your participation. Please include any relevant photo's of collateral damage to your property or your vehicle. Report locations of danger and hijacking. Window smash and grab etc. 

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The whole reason for these web pages is to alert you to the current dangers and to examine your own security set up. Others will benefit from your experience. Prevention will be cheaper in the long run. We will limit the content of this page to about 10 items. The page will then be archived and placed on top of the archive list below. An attempt is made to place items in date order with most recent on top. 

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Interesting video showing how a young Kenyan girl made a difference - 24 Feb 2017
How did this young Kenyan Girl help fix a very sick Government?

Click to watch the TED talk (Video 12 minutes)
Please Help if you can - 23 February 2017

This is Constable Zuma of Durban Flying Squad. Today his house in Bekithemba burnt down and he has lost everything. Our friend W/O Bramley informed me that the poor chap doesnt have a thing to his name. We are getting a wish list together of his kids ages and such. Until then I have the blessing of Westville CPF Chair Mike Myers to put out a plea for anyone who would like to donate goods or clothes to help this policeman get onto his feet.

We dont like dealing with cash but if you would like to donate, please check Westville CPF bank details and use the reference "Cst Zuma".

Children are 2 boys age 6 and 10. Cst Zuma is a L size shirt and wears size 8 shoe. No info at the moment on spouse. We'll have that tomorrow.

Items donated can be left at Westville SAPS board room. See either Capt Squires or Mrs Ferreria. Please label all items "Cst Zuma 10111"



Anti Hi-jacking Risk Mitigation Talk - Posted 19 February 2017
Morris, Fuller and Williams Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers did a great job in sponsoring an anti-hijacking talk for their staff and clients on the 16th of February last week with a very informative and educational talk from Johann von Bargen, pictured, (The East Coast Radio Traffic Guy.

This talk was open to the public and more than adequately marketed by the media, the Westville CPF and most of the 13 major Neighbourhood Watches.

The talk was entertaining, interactive and educational. so much so that everybody attending could not come away without feeling quite a bit safer now that their risk profile is now much more lower when confronted by hijackers and most other crimes whereby they are confronted one on one with serious criminals.

A big thanks must go to both Morris, fuller and Williams as well as Johann von Bargen for putting this event together.

However it is disturbing that the numbers attending could have been far greater. There were many empty seats and ample parking facilities available.
A big thank you to the students of Westville boys High School for the sterling job in assisting the guests with parking and guidance to this event.

Statistics show that by applying the knowledge presented during this talk one is likely to have less than 1 in 200 chance of being seriously hurt.

- submitted by our local tow truck driver
Another look at an important article published about 8 years ago and still totally relevant.- 18 February 2017

Westville now has about 19 Neighbourhood Watches (NHW). Of these 13 are registered with Westville SAPS as well as with the Westville Community Police Forum. Those registered have in excess of 1000 volunteer patrollers who act as additional eyes and ears of the police. All patrollers sign and are bound by a code of conduct and adhere to basic procedures.
One of the major hindrance's these patrollers experience is the inability to report incidents and their location due to the lack of visible house numbers. This is a real concern. It is frustrating to be in a situation whereby a patroller can make a difference but can't pinpoint accurately where backup is required. There is a Municipal Bi-Law that indicates that clearly visible house numbers should placed at every household. Not known if this Bi-Law has ever been enforced.

Please read the following article and then it is your call as to whether you might make our community a better place

House numbers and the lack of
If you have to call any emergency service to come to your house, it’s pretty much because you have exactly that. Urgency for someone to come and help you in your time of need.
Be it ambulance, police or fire department, you want them to get to you as quickly as possible. Whether it is a criminal forcing his way into your family home, or a relative having a heart attack, we all know that seconds count. In the experiences I have had over the past ten years, these precious seconds add up to minutes for a few reasons.
First, traffic congestion. High up on my list of frustrations is trying to get through traffic, siren screaming and every light I have, flashing, and I still have one individual living in oblivion who won’t move out of the way.
Second is my fault, memory. Even after ten years, with all the Aberfoyle’s, Aylesbury’s, Arbroth’s, Amersham’s and Aberfeldy’s in the area, when I get thrown the curve ball of say, Durnford, I have been known to have drawn a blank. Memory is much faster than GPS in an area like Westville and it saves time by keeping the recall sharp.

Third and this is the crux of the matter. While our seconds are ticking away, and I have done my best to bend every traffic law to get to your house as fast as possible, the worst thing in the entire world is when I can’t find the house number.
I am scanning the roadside as I tear along, my eyes looking for suspicious vehicles, small children who like running into the road, escaping crooks, but the most important thing, the beacon that will lead me to your rescue is nowhere to be seen. 
You know where you live, I don’t. If by misfortune, the day dawns that you need help to come quickly, I will be able to find you house, because outside the driveway, not obscured by vegetation, and not half on the neighbour’s side of the fence, is a large, bright yellow 26 that I can see, in day or night.
There are some homes in Westville that we actually use as a landmark. Not for any nefarious reason, but because we all know that house is 16, so 24 is further down, and 8 is the other way. Wouldn’t you like to be that 16? Wouldn’t you like to be the landmark that the patrol vehicle knows by heart? 
Most of us have insurance policies in case of death, accident or disability. How many precious seconds are you saving by taking out the insurance of knowing that one day, if the need arises, with a VISIBLE number outside your home, we can find you in time. 
Submitted by Sgt.S D Clark

You can also go to the home page and scroll down to the search window and search "house numbers" and there should be several more topical articles available on this site

Update of events after the recent public meeting called last week (mentioned below) - 29 January 2017
There has been a very significant response and ongoing behind the scene planning to mitigate the unprecedented increase in crime in Westville.
A few noted positives follow.

We now have a significant team of mounted Metro Police who have already played a part in the arrest of suspect(s)

A dual purpose security camera that is manned and can be quickly re-sited is up and running.. Hopefully this is the first of several.

One of our Neighbourhood patrollers noticed when returning home from work 8 Metro Police Patrol vehicles, 3 Westville SAPS patrol vehicles, several NHW volunteer patrol vehicles and many more than usual private armed response patrol vehicles.

Yesterday as a show of collaboration a convoy of about 150 vehicles moved through Westville. Included were Metro Police, SAPS, NHW patrollers, Emergency Services and others.

 Rest assured, the collaboration and communication between these entities is outstanding and they are using some of the latest technology.

Submitted by our much impressed local tow truck driver

Crime Spike in Westville - 23 January 2017
The Deputy Mayor of eThekwini called a public meeting on 23rd January that was held at the Truro Hall to discuss what has been the highest increase in crime in history!
The meeting discussed what could be done to combat this very serious trend. All the expected role players were their to contribute what is being done and what could the public expect from the municipality, the South African Police Force, the Community Police Forum. and the extensive network of large Neighbourhood Watches. It is understandable that many residents were incensed at the situation and were demanding answers.
However sanity prevailed as the role players  who could make a difference gave assurances that there will be.a concerted effort to take back Westville.
The Minutes of the Meeting in ,pdf format can be accessed by clicking   HERE

There has been an instant response from the Metro Police with a mobile camera that is manned and be moved as and when required and hopefully becomes the first of several such cameras. Metro Police have also introduced mounted police in the area.
An Article describing the notion that South African Police CPF Forums are moving towards by incorporating Neighbourhood Watches (NHW) that conform to basic protocols could and most likely will become CPF subforums.- 23 January 2017

Definitely worth the read. It sounds like a step forward especially now that we have 13 registered NHWs that operate with an approved protocol. There are now in excess of 800 volunteer patrollers who act as additional eyes and ears of the police.
To read this article go to Article051 recently published on this site
A tribute to two Westville heroes, - 28 August 2016  Colonel Brett Mitchell and Captain Rob Ponsie.
They are both reservist policemen that have served our community for many years on a voluntary basis.
Colonel Mitchell has resigned for personal reasons as he moves into a new phase of his life and Captain Ponsie has retired. We say a huge thank you to the many years of service these men have volunteered to our community. We salute you. At the CPF meeting last night we paid homage to their service. We wish you both, all the best as you move into this new chapter of your lives.

Is the Westville Neighbourhood Project (NHW) making a positive difference? - 8 August 2017

The unequivocal answer is YES!

On Tuesday morning a member of Berea West Neighbourhood Watch was traveling on Essex Terrace and spotted a suspicious person. As he focused on the man he was sure the person had a firearm in his hand.
The NHW patroller stopped his car a safe distance away and held observation on the suspect. He immediately phoned 10111 while the Police were on their way, watched as the man stashed the firearm in some grass and began walking away. The patroller was concerned the suspect would flee and the firearm would be left unattended so decided to engage with the suspect until the SAPS arrived. He also called fellow NHW patrollers to assist. The police arrived a couple minutes later and the suspect (51) could not satisfactorily explain why he had the firearm in his possession.
He was arrested for unlawful possession of firearm and the firearm itself was booked into evidence. The suspect has been charged and will appear in court. The firearm will be examined to see if its rightful owner can be traced and if it has been used in any other offences.

Very well done and thank you to the following NHW members:
Zahed Shaik, Mohammed Alfie Shaik, Zaheer Kharwa and Reservist W/O Abdul Shaik.

Read the next item (please)

Submitted by Sgt. Steve Clark

Another NHW Contribution to security and safety - 8 August 2016
Ref: Daily News 2016 August 08

SAFETYNET - 1 August 2016
 "We take the time to care".


 Are you willing to help the Community of Westville?
Have you, your family or friends been a victim of Crime?

Do you know that sudden events can have long term effects if not treated and victims of crime often require assistance to overcome the trauma that they have experienced?.

SAFETYNET is comprised of a team of volunteers
who have received training in care giving.
So please come forward and assist.



 Please contact
083-300-2957 after 5pm
for more information.

Five New Articles submitted by Sgt Stephen Clark - 28 July 2016
Article 046 - Fraternal Breakfast
Article 047 - Post Traumatic Stress
Article 048 - Humorous
Article 049 - Reality Check
Article 050 - Search and Rescue

Service Excellence !! - 8 July 2016
Constable Dube (on the left in photo), is another of Westville SAPS' rising stars. The reason she is receiving this certificate from Mr Andy Tribe from the Westville CPF is quite amazing.
Browsing facebook she saw a post by a woman who needed police help but had been turned away from her local police station in another area. Cst Dube engaged with her to find out what she needed. A few messages later Cst Dube offered to meet the person at Westville SAPS to offer the service needed. The offer was accepted and Cst Dube actually came in on her day off to help the member of the community.
While this is the level of dedication we encourage, Cst Dube must be recognised for going above the call in taking such initiative and using her private time to help people.
Well done, young lady. We are very proud of you!

Submitted by Sgt Stephen Clark

Magnificent conviction! - 8 July 2016
Detective Constable Philani Dumakude (left in photo) is one of Westville SAPS' rising stars.
Here pictured with his commander, Captain Martin Magwaza, he holds a docket where his thorough investigation, linkage and witness preparation secured a massive 20 year conviction for an accused who was arrested for robbery.

The suspect had snatched a purse off a pedestrian on St James ave and was napped by fast reacting police. Duma linked the suspect to other matters he was wanted for as well as discovered that the suspect was actually out on parole for a similar matter (but failed to disclose that at court!)

Well done Philani! I am extremely proud of you!

Submitted by Sgt Stephen Clark


Telephonic Computer  Hacking does exist - 6th June 2016
If you are having difficulty fixing a problem on your PC you can liaise with someone you TRUST anywhere in the world by allowing that person to have free access to your PC via the internet and if they are competent they can delve into your PC and fix the problem.
This is risky if you don't know that person sufficiently well to trust then explicitly.

An increasingly persistent bunch of SCAMMERS exploit this technique by phoning you and offering to fix your computer and ask you if it is not on please turn it on. This scam that gives them access to private information must be quite successful as the frequency of such calls seems to be more and more frequent.
A short time ago I had a call from "Peter" who offered to fix my Windows computer. I new that it was likely a scam because I always use Matrix Warehouse to any maintenance, repairs or upgrades to my PCs.  I told Peter that I was about to rush off to an appointment and it was not convenient to do anything and hung up.

Today "Peter" phoned back and asked if he could help fix my PC and I asked which one? Peter simply hung up. I checked my caller ID log and established that the number was 0061 2 3456789.  That number if it were real is one digit short and highly unlikely that such a sequence of numbers actually exists.
The 0061 is Australia the 2 would be Sydney and the rest is dubious.

Be aware that this type of scam is common and is rewarding for the scammer.

- Andy Tribe
A new positive initiative from Sgt. S D Clark to aid those with disabilities in an emergency -- 7 March 2016

"Westville Community:
In follow up with my on going engagements with both Wendon Academy and Fulton School, I would like to know from you all if you would like me to create an official data base, completely confidentially, of any residents in the area who have any sort of special need or limited capacity, such as being visually or hearing impaired. Here I would also include community members who may be confined to wheel chairs or bed, and are not in a care facility.

As promised, I am taking to Cluster level to work a way forward to encompass needs where main stream access to emergency services may be a struggle. The case in point could be a person who is deaf may battle to communicate verbally to a call taker at 10111 and relying on a second person to relay emergency calls may not be always viable or practical. My thinking was that at station level at least, if we have a list, if you wish to call it that, of people with needs, we would like to pay them attention and see if there are concerns or fears they may have that we could address from the Police and Community Police Forum. Needs may not always be of an emergency, simply helping with an affidavit or commissioning documents may be a service we can begin to render on a more personal level.

I look forward to feedback under this post. If there is already a forum for community members with special needs, please can I be pointed to them to touch base since if the desire for a database of simply names and addresses is not desired, then I would at least like to maintain a more complete communication with the community."   To contact Sgt S D Clark with respect to this initiative please send email to grendel35@gmail.com with subject Initiative 0r phone 031 267 7340/1/6/7/8

Westville Official CPF Neighborhood Watches reinforcing ownership of their area. Well done to all involved - 10 February at 09:44

Dawncliffe Westville Community Watch

After the home invasion on Monday morning Constable Laatz our SAPS Sector Commander initiated a joint operation between SAPS and the three Dawncliffe Neighborhood Watches, The Dawncliffe Community Watch, UVRA and Jubilee Community Watch ; Westville and also the Cowies Hill Community Watch.
Close on 60 Neighbourhood Watch vehicles joined up with SAPS Westville and SAPS K9 Unit in this operation.
Dedicated SAPS members and community members joined forces making a statement to criminals that this is our turf and we're not going to let you invade it. The patrol commenced at 02:00 and ended at 06:00, folks that is dedication and passion from all involved and well done to all of them.
Due to the change in crime trends in and around the area our patrols have been adjusted accordingly and don't be surprised to see a patrol vehicle passing your home at some strange hour of the morning.
As always we need to boost our numbers to ensure that we can sustain this pressure and we welcome those not involved to get on board and make a difference.

Good and Bad News - 2 Feb 2016

Passion, discipline and dedication from the members

Dawncliffe Westville Community Watch's photo.Dawncliffe Westville Community Watch's photo.Dawncliffe Westville Community Watch's photo.  
Dawncliffe Westville Community Watch added 3 new photos.

Highgate Road

2nd February 2016
Well it is very obvious the community are curious as to what was going on in Dawncliffe today if we look at certain of the comments coming in.
Lots of good news and some bad.
Two arrests were made today in connection with a housebreaking and theft in Highgate Road earlier in the day, this thank to a very strategic and well-coordinated operation between SAPS and the Dawncliffe Community Watch volunteers.
It all started at 08h22 this morning when we received a report from one of our patrollers that they had just had suspicious people on their property and that they had jumped his fence into a property in Highgate. We immediately contacted SAPS who had four vehicles in the area in minutes, there was an ADT vehicle that assisted, 15 Dawncliffe Community Watch volunteers, a few volunteers from Jubilee, UVRA and even one from Kloof that came to assist.
Sightings of the suspects jumping fences into properties were reported in Dawncliffe Road, Chiral Drive, Highgate, Kew, Cotswold and Trevor Roads. The volunteers and SAPS have a superb communication network set up and a strategic and coordinated approach was carefully put into place to box the suspects into a specific area and ensure they could not escape. This operation took seven hours with volunteers and SAPS members essentially taking shifts to relieve each other from their posts as members had to go attend to other responsibilities, encouraging though to see how they would return as soon as they could to carry on the search.
SAPS by this stage had a number of vehicles from various units deployed to assist including Westville Station members, Flying Squad and K-9 Unit. The search eventually led to the arrest of two of the suspects and all the stolen items were recovered. Items belonging to the suspects were also recovered from various different properties that they had fled through.
A third suspect manged to escape and volunteers followed up their search for him for a further hour with no success.
All in all a really great result and a huge thank you to all members involved from SAPS, Volunteers and ADT, well done.
So what is the bad news?
First off as previously reported, these suspects had been in the area since at least 03h30 in the morning when they were first spotted in properties and had set off beams… No one reported this to SAPS. We had to intercept Whatsapp messages later where people had reported this on. One homeowner called his security company who attended to the premises, found no one there and left the premises, this response company did not put in a report to SAPS.
Two members of the public observed two suspects walking in the road with a TV wrapped up in a carpet, only 45 minutes later did they report this and did so on a Whatsapp group, no report to SAPS.
How are SAPS supposed to do their work if no one tells them anything???
Next up, one of the Dawncliffe Community Volunteers acted outside of the official code of conduct, his actions will result in him being suspended from any further neighbourhood watch operations and will be removed from all communication. Our code of conduct is sanctioned by the Community Police Forum and SAPS and anyone that breaks this code shall be dealt with accordingly.
Last rant is social media. The number of inaccurate reports and posts are frightening, many had to be removed. Others also posted details on a public platform that could impede on the investigation, these also had to be removed. Bottom line is do not post something unless you are 100% and that this information is verified through an official channel. Besides creating unnecessary panic in the community, you may one day land yourself with a civil suit when a suspect hires a clever attorney that picks up something you posted on social media… It’s happened before.
We are seeing an increase in crime throughout Westville at the moment, factors are many and with the current economic climate we can expect crime in general to increase everywhere. Be vigilant, be careful, do not try tackle intruders and report all suspicious activity to SAPS 10111 immediately.
Also remember that you live in a MOBI-CLAW registered neighbourhood watch geo-fenced area, their service will give you the edge in an emergency by delivering your panic on a smart multiple reporting platform to ensure a quick response.

Ref: https://www.facebook.com/WestvilleCPForum

Alistair Road, Westville North +\- 03h00

A house robbery occurred in the early hour's of the morning in Alistair Road. At the residents, a husband and wife were in bed at the time. Their dog alerted them to the fact that something was not right. The husband who was armed with a firearm got up to investigate and confronted the suspects in their home. Gun shots were exchanged and he was shot twice. He is in a stable condition in hospital. Suspects made off with electronic equipment.
Members of the CPF and SAPS wish the gentleman a speedy recovery.
We can confirm that SAPS are pulling out all stops in terms of the investigation of this crime and other serious crimes that have been plaguing the Westville North area. We cannot reveal details of the investigation due to the sensitivity thereof, but we can confirm that SAPS are following up on leads.
The CPF and SAPS held a meeting with the neighborhood watches from the affected areas today.
What came of this meeting was positive and it was agreed that the community must not panic and that a coordinated and strategic approach must be taken by SAPS and the neighborhood watches in dealing with the recent crime spate.
The community watches play a massive role in assisting SAPS with patrols and intelligence gathering, however the neighborhood watches need to approach their responsibilities carefully and not become vigilantes. It is very apparent that there are little splinter groups neighborhood watches that are doing their own thing, these watches are not formalized and are actually operating illegally. These splinter groups are encouraged to join the official neighborhood watches which fall under the CPF and must be registered with the CPF. Official neighborhood watches work under very strict regulation and codes of conduct need to be signed and adhered to. Those not operating officially will be shut down and members could be charged, this should not be seen as a negative, rather as encouragement to formalize and partner SAPS in preventing crime in the area.
CPF and SAPS members cautioned the community to rather not confront suspects as this more than often leads to the situation escalating. In both incidents this week the victims have confronted the suspects with one victim unfortunately losing his life.
The neighborhood watch managers were also asked to deliver an important message to their communities regarding social media posts. People are very quick to post stories relating to crime incidents and their have already been many posted regarding this most recent event. People do not realize the consequence of certain of these posts. Some of these posts are very inaccurate and come from hearsay witnesses and fact are twisted and elaborated on that don't even exist, others are from people that may be close to the victim and contain too much detail that may actually compromise the investigation. People need to understand that the criminals out there are also on social media and read these posts and certain facts that may lead to their arrest are being made public. The community needs to refrain from releasing posts that are either inaccurate or that reveal too much information.
In an effort to assist the community and SAPS, MOBI-CLAW had offered all members of the neighborhood watches in the affected area their service for a week free of charge hoping that their early warning panic system may lead to an arrest if anymore incidents happen to take place. Those neighborhood watch members that are interested need to contact their neighborhood watch managers or captains so that they can furnish MOBI-CLAW with a list of the members.
Caz Weeks
CPF Westville Public Relations Officer

Suspicious Activity Alert: - 20 January 2016
Had a call from A resident in Cotswold. He had a white male 30-35 come to his home Monday at 16:00 in a light blue Polo. Guy said he had been called out to fix an electrical fault. The resident told him there was no fault and they guy left.
Guy came back to the home today at 09:00 and gave the same story to the domestic worker. Domestic worker denied him access, he then pretended to make a call to the owner and said the owner said she must let him in. She still denied access and he left.
Please report any suspicious activity like this to 10111 and Westville SAPS immediately
Ref: https://www.facebook.com/WestvilleCPForum

Excellent local success - 15 January 2016

Yesterday a highly coordinated effort by SAPS, Metro Police K-9 and Pro Force Security netted one of the most wanted suspects in Westville.
The suspect entered a house in Westville Central at approximately 14:30 and fled with an I Pad and some jewellery. The suspect was spotted on the N3 near Pinetown by Jeremy Berry from Pro Force Security. SAPS and Metro K-9 members converged on the area and traced the suspect through shacks near the Blood Bank.

At the same time members of several neighbourhood watches also took up observation from various points. The same Pro Force officer spotted and arrested the suspect back on the N3 and held on to him until Westville SAPS members arrived to detain him.

Shortly after arrest, Westville Detectives linked the same suspect to several incidents in the area, including on going intrusions into local complexes.

Very well done to all participants and thank you Jeremy and Pro Force for your great help!

Westville Community Policing Forum Chair Mike Myers commended everybody for the sterling effort. He stated that this is a fine example of what Community Policing can achieve.

Ref: Westville CPF Facebook page

Accident after wet weather - 12th January 2016
This is a warning to drivers to drive with caution in these conditions. This vehicle hit the mudslide a few minutes ago and overturned. Ambulance on scene and fortunately the driver seems okay.

Comment: It is possible that it was not raining heavily at the time the accident. However one should drive in a manner whereby one can stop within the current sight distance. e.g. It may be possible to negotiate a bend at a seemingly safe speed though still be at risk if an object just round the bend appears when you can't stop before hitting it be it a pothole, an animal or an intoxicated person!
In this case it was probable that the land slide was visible though only as the driver got close was the size realized and any avoidance option was too late

Ref: Westville CPF Facebook page
Theft out of Vehicle - 24th December 2015

More action: Big crooks arrested
This story Ive held back on because I was waiting for a small development. Last week Friday, Westville SAPS Detectives were holding an observation operation at the Pavilion shopping centre working in close cooperation with Pavilion Security.
The security observed a white VW polo driving in and out of rows of cars, and between parking lots.
The police and security closed in and the bell went off when the suspects attempted to steal out of a motor vehicle.
Two of the suspects fled into the roof level Mr Price Home and Sports and a third very cleverly went and stood next to one of the plain clothes detectives, as if he was just hanging around. It was the easiest arrest D/Cst CL Pillay has made in his career.
All three were rounded up and confirmed to be part of a gang wanted all over Durban. Bail has been denied in the meanwhile and Provincial Organised Crime Unit has taken the docket for investigation to be mated with others.
Good work everybody !!!

C-3 Community Crime Cooperative

BREAKING NEWS - 23 December 2015
There has been an arrest for a House Robbery that occurred in Westville a couple of hours ago. The vehicle and all goods stolen from the home have been recovered and the vehicle the suspects used had been recovered. More arrests could follow. No further details available at this stage.
Well done to those SAPS members involved. It was a home invasion (house robbery), Williams Road
Reference: Sgt S D Clark
C-3 Community Crime Cooperative
Mobi-Claw - 19 December 2015
Pioneers of the Dawncliffe Neighbourhood Watch, Mike Myers and Paul Stone, identified a major issue when it comes to reporting an emergency and simply put, people are not prepared for emergencies. They panic and don’t know who to call and in most cases they don't have the numbers readily available. Added to this situation is that during an emergency they are not in a position to make the phone call and almost always not in a position to make any follow up calls to find out where their help is.https://scontent-cdg2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/12360312_786404531489098_5025013632572391182_n.png?oh=c758d25523562517cdc4a74b69760149&oe=5716B03C
This is where MOBI-CLAW comes to the rescue. MOBI-CLAW is a very simple to use smartphone app that works at the touch of a button. By a simple touch of a button your mobile phone sends an emergency report to MOBI-CLAW control which includes your current location. Trained MOBI-CLAW members then handle your emergency by co-ordinating first responders to get to you quickly. The MOBI-CLAW report is not closed until your help has arrived.
Who are the first responders that MOBI-CLAW uses? The answer is that we notify everyone who is capable of assisting you. In a crime related emergency, first responders include SAPS, Metro Police, your own Armed Response Company and/or your Vehicle Tracking Company, and if you live in a neighbourhood watch area, we notify the volunteer patrollers in your area. If you are kidnapped in a hijacking or your phone is stolen during a crime, we will be able follow your phone as long as it remains on. MOBI-CLAW will also handle your medical emergency reporting and your profile will include all your necessary medical data so that we can furnish this to any medical staff who are attending to you. MOBI-CLAW works wherever you are within the borders of South Africa if there is data connection. If there is no data connection available the member can call our emergency line.
Both Mike and Paul have established relationships with the SAPS, the Metro Police, all the major Armed Response Companies operating in Westville and all the registered Neighbourhood Watch groups. The relationship with SAPS is cemented even further with both Mike and Paul serving on the Westville Community Police Forum. Mike is the current chairman and Paul heads up neighbourhood watch projects and his function includes the set up of the watch and the training of volunteer patrollers.

Info from Dawncliffe Community Watch, Ref: https://www.facebook.com/clawandorder/photos/a.786405218155696.1073741828.370861903043365/786404531489098/?type=3&fref=nf

Breakthrough arrest in Westville: 15 December 2015

This morning, some good action followed on the heels of the robbery arrest on the weekend. Noticing a shift in crime patterns the Westville Crime Prevention Unit was today tasked to start work very early hours to attend to the threat. At approximately 4am, this morning, members of the Westville SAPS Crime Prevention and Community Service Centre attended a housebreaking in progress at the Ultra Liquors in Westville central.
Two suspects, aged 37 and 38 were arrested on the premises and detained for housebreaking.
Preliminary investigations have revealed that one of the suspects has been linked to several business break ins and there is a warrant of arrest in effect for him in Johannesburg.
The duo will appear in court soon to face the housebreaking charge as well as others attributed to them.

Very well done to Constables Kathi, Ngoma and Morris for their rapid response and diligence.
Ref: 15 December at 01:47 Durban

What a great story, this is how our Westville SAPS role. 6th December 2015
Thank you Constable Laatz

Video link below:
Animal & Pet Rescue KZN

SAPS Constable Wynand Laatz found 2 German shepherds and somehow cohersed them into his patrol van whilst on patrol in Westville. As the male dog was vicious, Wynand wasnt taking chances.His predicament escalated when after a hour of driving around he remembered Animal Rescue (Formerly Pet Rescue Pinetown) A quick call to volunteer Animal rescuer Andreas Mathios, from SA CAN put into motion a team of volunteers to transfer the ferocious dog and its mate from the police van to the Ford Bantam.Thanks to Steve Smit from Monkeyline, Carol Booth, Sydney from SPCA and SAPS westville for their assistance. But to Wynand for going above the call of duty during routine patrol and for his caring spirit makes him our man of the moment Thank you SAPS Westville.

Today I had the privilege of talking to two groups of kids at Kainon Primary school in Westville North. - 30th November2015
I was joined by W/O Bramley and Sgt Swanepoel from the Durban Flying Squad.
We spoke to the Senior Primary about morals and values and especially to the girls about modesty in public and the potential dangers of stalkers on Social Media. They were given tips on how to protect their identity and privacy on social media platforms.
The Seniors were then treated to a tour of the Flying Squad vehicle and a demonstration of equipment.

The Juniors were sensitised about kindness and treating each other with respect. They took the example of a criminal is really just a person who doesn't respect the rights and sanctity of other people or their possessions.

It must be made mention that in both classes, the kids were extremely well behaved and well disciplined. W/O Bramley, an old boy of Kainon congratulated the prinicpal, Mrs Jane Edmunds on the excellent school and children. We will be more than happy to return there in the future.- Sgt. Steve Clark

Ref:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/C-3-Community-Crime-Cooperative/177582682300204

The following was copied from the Dawncliffe Community Watch Facebook page.

26th November 2015
Earlier today we had a member of the community post suspicious activity on our page. Firstly we applaud what this member has done and don't want to insult her in any way and encourage this type of awareness, however there are some really important observations we made and everyone can learn from it. We have edited a couple of things in her post which read:
‘Just wanting to alert people in our area of some suspicious activity that I've noticed in Carlton Avenue. On Tuesday afternoon we noticed there was a dark blue/ navy Jetta stopped outside our gate and looking into our property. I think after they saw us, they eventually moved on. Then again on Wednesday afternoon, the same navy Jetta actually stopped in our driveway. Two young black males were in it. My maid asked them what they wanted and they said they were looking for no. XX - an office or the landlord. Why they kept stopping at us, no. XX, I'm not sure. I phoned ADT and asked them to look around, and see what they were up to, but didn't get any feedback. I went around looking for the car when I got home, but didn't see them again. They look like they have a personalised no. plate and from this photo looks like it's XXXX-ZN. Please keep a look out.’
So what is wrong here:
1. These two incidents took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was only reported here on Thursday afternoon… The horse has bolted so to speak. Report suspicious activity straight away, when it is happening so that first responders can react.
2. It was only reported to ADT. We keep on emphasizing the importance on this page to report every matter to SAPS too.
Why: Well they will never know about it if you don’t tell them and they will circulate the information to our volunteer patrollers immediately and they reaction to the suspicious vehicle would have been tenfold. More than likely either SAPS or one of our volunteers would have been able to engage with the vehicle and occupants at the time.
3. The vehicle’s registration number was displayed. This can land you in very hot water from a civil liability aspect if an actual crime was not committed and/or these people had no wrongful intent. By making them identifiable on a public platform you are displaying a level of mistrust regarding the vehicle and its occupants and you could end up in a civil matter in court. You also stand the risk of some cowboy community member spotting this vehicle and end up injuring or killing one of the occupants and your law suite then just became a hell of a lot bigger. You will see in the picture now that we have blacked out the registration and this is how it should be done. We have removed the original post for this reason
4. You identified your address and your neighbour’s address. This is a public forum and criminals read these forums, you could become their target
5. ADT did not come back to the complainant. The complainant should be calling ADT management and querying this and request a report on what was done.
Fortunately after one of our patrollers investigated the matter today all was found to be in order and the vehicle legitimate.
We put out a message earlier today to explain the importance of reporting incidents like this to SAPS and we cannot stress this more!
Earlier today we had a member of the community post suspicious activity on our page. Firstly we applaud what this member has done and don't want to insult her in any way and encourage this type of awareness, however there are some really important observations we made and everyone can learn from it. We have edited a couple of things in her post which read:
‘Just wanting to alert people in our area of some suspicious activity that I've noticed in Carlton Avenue. On Tuesday afternoon we noticed there was a dark blue/ navy Jetta stopped outside our gate and looking into our property. I think after they saw us, they eventually moved on. Then again on Wednesday afternoon, the same navy Jetta actually stopped in our driveway. Two young black males were in it. My maid asked them what they wanted and they said they were looking for no. XX - an office or the landlord. Why they kept stopping at us, no. XX, I'm not sure. I phoned ADT and asked them to look around, and see what they were up to, but didn't get any feedback. I went around looking for the car when I got home, but didn't see them again. They look like they have a personalised no. plate and from this photo looks like it's XXXX-ZN. Please keep a look out.’
So what is wrong here:
1. These two incidents took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was only reported here on Thursday afternoon… The horse has bolted so to speak. Report suspicious activity straight away, when it is happening so that first responders can react.
2. It was only reported to ADT. We keep on emphasizing the importance on this page to report every matter to SAPS too.
Why: Well they will never know about it if you don’t tell them and they will circulate the information to our volunteer patrollers immediately and they reaction to the suspicious vehicle would have been tenfold. More than likely either SAPS or one of our volunteers would have been able to engage with the vehicle and occupants at the time.
3. The vehicle’s registration number was displayed. This can land you in very hot water from a civil liability aspect if an actual crime was not committed and/or these people had no wrongful intent. By making them identifiable on a public platform you are displaying a level of mistrust regarding the vehicle and its occupants and you could end up in a civil matter in court. You also stand the risk of some cowboy community member spotting this vehicle and end up injuring or killing one of the occupants and your law suite then just became a hell of a lot bigger. You will see in the picture now that we have blacked out the registration and this is how it should be done. We have removed the original post for this reason
4. You identified your address and your neighbour’s address. This is a public forum and criminals read these forums, you could become their target
5. ADT did not come back to the complainant. The complainant should be calling ADT management and querying this and request a report on what was done.
Fortunately after one of our patrollers investigated the matter today all was found to be in order and the vehicle legitimate.
We put out a message earlier today to explain the importance of reporting incidents like this to SAPS and we cannot stress this more!
Ref:  https://www.facebook.com/DawncliffeWestvilleCommunityWatch/posts/914855285230820:0
Happy ending: - 22 November 2015
Almost a year ago to the day Cst Laatz and I helped rescue this abandoned newborn from some bush on the side of the M13. He was spotted by a Metro contractor and still had his umbilical cord etc. Cst Laatz, a trained paramedic, helped clean him up and applied gentle stimulus until an ambulance arrived.
The baby, already not having a fantastic start to life, was hospitalised for a while at a few months old but recovered and has been cared for by a foster home until now.
The second picture is of us with now one year old David. He has been adopted by a wonderful family who will take him home and give him a new life with his older brothers and sisters.
This little man is a born survivor. He was MEANT to survive and we are very happy to have been a part of it.
                      C-3 Community Crime Cooperative's photo.                       C-3 Community Crime Cooperative's photo.
                         David when found                                                  David  now
Attempted House Robbery - 8 November 2015
Hi all. November is our busiest month I believe, not December. Most crooks like Christmas and don't want to spend it in Jail, so the work their trade now or a week or two into the new year when we all let our guard down and when policemen are allowed to take leave. Folks we had a house robbery in the dead end of Roberts, Dawncliffe yesterday 16h30. 3-4 black males one armed with a panga forced the "roller gate" at the driveway and smashed the locked front door in. With no home owners cars visible in the driveway I believe the suspects thought the house was empty and were caught off guard when confronted by the home owner in the passage. Suspects ran off right away! No injuries or anything taken. No suspect car seen or heard pulling off (siren from the house panic alarm was pushed). I am guessing that the suspects had a vehicle from looking at the forced driveway gates. Westville saps response was excellent as was the Jubilee patrolers, thanks guys. Let's all stay sharp!!!

Ref: Posted by David Paul Bramley on the Jubilee Community Watch: Westville Facebook site

Three arrested for house-robbery in Westville north today - 19 November 2015
Very well done to Cst Easterbrook and his squad today! Three suspects held up home owners in Tullibardine Road this morning and fled on foot as the alarm was raised. The SAPS members quickly and effectively cut off escape routes and tracked the suspects where they were arrested in a nearby road.
Well done guys! You make us proud!

Submitted by Sgt S D Clark

Does the content of the following look like a scam? - 17 November 2015
yesterday morning I received an SMS as Follows:

Cycle:1710- 16112015

My first reaction was to go to my bank and that is what I did.  I new within a few Rand what my balance should be.
I went to the reception and was given a numbered ticket and without much delay my number was called and I went to the nominated teller and showed him the SMS.  He asked for my card which he processed and advised firstly that the account number on the SMS agreed with my bank account and  that my balance was as  I expected it to be and not as shown in the SMS.  He suggested that the message was probably reflecting my last month's transactions and he had no further comment.  On my way out at the info desk I indicated that it did not seem like a valid bank SMS. Another customer had overheard my concern and suggested that it was most likely a potential scam and suggested that I must not reply to the SMS but just delete it.

In hindsight the senders phone number is odd (too many digits).
Too many words are merged as one,
the date format is unusual,
ÄVBal" is a nonsense piece of data.
Date of sending, 07h13, is an odd time for bank staff to  be working.

The experience of having had this SMS suggests that any emails or SMSs supposedly from a bank should be deleted unless they are items like encrypted statements that you have initiated.

If you have doubts about any SMS or email supposedly from your bank you should contact your bank ASAP because there is probably a limited time for you to report your concern before the bank's prescription period kicks in.

Andy Tribe
WCPF Committee member
WE WILL OPEN A CASE - 25 October 2015
This baby monkey was found yesterday in Lansdowne Road by Carol and Steve from Monkey Line.
This baby had been shot twice in the head with a pellet gun and left suffering. Sadly she had to be put down.
As members of the Neighborhood Watch we will not tolerate this type of behavior from anyone in the community. Our neighborhood watch is a registered with SAPS and an official sub forum of the Westville Community Policing Forum.
If we identify any member of the community harming animals like this, those people we will open cases with SAPS.
There are two acts which you can be charged under:
1. The Firearm Control Act 60 of 2000. This includes air guns. They may not be discharged in a built up area without good reason.
2. The Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 as amended.
We encourage anyone with information regarding this specific incident to contact.
Mike Myers
Management Dawncliffe Community Watch
Chairman Westville CPF

ref: https://www.facebook.com/DawncliffeWestvilleCommunityWatch/photos/a.616287851754233.1073741828.349083568474664/903112169738465/?type=3&theater
ACTION LAST NIGHT - 25 October 2015
Last night saw some action in Dawncliffe.
At about 17h45 there was an attempted housebreaking in Stephens Road. Resident spotted the suspects forcing a sliding door open. Suspects were two black males, one armed with a knife. When spotted they ran away jumping fences. SAPS, about 20 volunteers and ADT reacted. Suspects could not be found but were displaced from the area and we are sure that the response they saw will keep them from coming back.
Next up we received a message of SAPS chasing a vehicle into the Salamanca shopping centre. The suspect dumped his vehicle and ran into the nursery and jumped fences escaping into the bushes.
Turns out he is a suspected drug dealer, on further investigation we identified who this person is and where he lives. Interesting that he is quite a high profile person living among out community.
There is not enough evidence for SAPS to make an arrest now, but we know who he is, where he lives and we will be watching his activities. Due to the sensitive nature of this we cannot release any further details.
The message to the community is... Know your neighbours.
A huge thanks to SAPS Westville, SAPS Flying Squad, SAPS K-9 unit, the volunteers and ADT for the superb reaction.
ref: https://www.facebook.com/DawncliffeWestvilleCommunityWatch/posts/903428589706823

Hijacked vehicle - rapid recovery - 20 October 2015
At the public meeting held on the 20th October our two Community Policing Officers Constables Phillip Easterbrook and Wynand Laatz recovered a bakkie that was hijacked in Westville Central. These two members were awarded with a certificate from the tracking company "Tracker" for their quick response and successful recovery of the vehicle pictured.

Please note that these two very approachable Westville SAPS members are our Sector Policing team who assist the public with the setting up compliant Neighbourhood Watches and the like as well as being those can help with any security issues you may have.

The Police van they have is fitted with the same tracking equipment that "Tracker" uses for locating hijacked or stolen vehicles.
Kids' book drive  - 16 October 2015
I think it's time for my little corner of the station to look like a post office again. I'd like anyone in the greater community who would like to donate kids books (all ages, story or educational) to underprivileged children to drop them off at Westville SAPS

The second ask is for any organisations, that help the less fortunate, in the Westville or close area that can use the books message this page with who you are, what you do and what sort of books you need or would like. Once some volunteers have sorted what I got into age and category we will get them to you or you can come collect. Some of the people I will be supporting are the Baby Hope Houses and the little creche at Banana City.
I can always extend the request to puzzles, toys in reasonable condition and fluffy teddies and such.

If you are in the close vicinity and cannot deliver books to us, I'm sure I can persuade one of my colleagues to drop in and collect them.
There is no time limit on this, the ask and offer is open. I'm holding faith in goodwill of the community.

Sgt. Steve Clark

This morning I was pulled over in a road block at the bottom of Rivonia Road just before the Pretoria on ramp.
It was a Johannesburg Metro Police road block, the officer that approached me was a huge chap that could have been very intimidating. He greeted me with a smile, had a really good sense of humour, he checked my license and vehicle and wished me a good day further before sending me in my way.
Well done to him, he was doing his job and did it well. Sometimes it's all about attitude... Our attitude! I knew he was doing his job, greeted him properly and did as he asked and he was pleasant back.
Well done to you sir, you are an asset to our country.
Before all the negative comments start flooding in, I know as much as anyone else that there are 'bad' officers in this organization as well, but don't tarnish them all with the same brush. Show some respect and it will more than likely be returned  - Submitted by Westville CPF Chairman, Mike Myers

Avoid the Westville University. - 14 September 2015 (now back a degree of normality 16 Oct 2015)
Overnight there has been a flare up of violence at the UKZN Westville Campus. At the moment the action has been confined to inside the area and there is no immediate threat on public roads leading to the University.
In summary, a group of students attacked and burnt the Security block and several vehicles.
Slight injuries to security staff and police have been reported with one serious injury of a security member receiving attention at hospital.
Please avoid the premises until further notice. Added security and Police Public Order are on scene attempting to keep the peace.
Ref:   https://www.facebook.com/C-3-Community-Crime-Cooperative-177582682300204/timeline/ 
Background - The student protest started about 18h30 on Sunday. The University is still closed - Tuesday 15th

Fast recovery: - 12 September 2015
Yesterday early morning an house robbery occurred in Westville North where a couple were confronted and the suspects made off with their Chevrolet.
Westville SAPS Crime Prevention came on duty and when they read the crime report went off to look for the car. Within a couple of hours of scouring the usual corners, the vehicle was spotted by Westville SAPS Constables Dube and Ngoma spotted the vehicle in Cleremont. Our Sector Policing shot there for backup and within a couple minutes the car was recovered.
Today it has gone for fingerprint examination and then will be returned to the rightful owners.
Investigations will continue into the crime.
Well done to the guys (and girl) for their fast response and dedication.

Ref: https://www.facebook.com/WestvilleCPForum

Volunteers needed:
Safetynet is an over a decade fully functional project of the Westville Community Police Forum.

Essentially it is a group of citizen volunteers who have been trained in care giving and get called out by the SAPS to scenes where people have been traumatised and need some assistance.

The Westville SAPS has always striven through a tight relationship with the CPF to provide a holistic service to the Westville public. It has been my truthful belief that Safetynet has continued to provide an absolutely essential and beneficial function to our community.

As with all volunteer groups, memberships ebb and flow. Currently, the Net is looking for new recruits. Essentially through the practicality of time and travel, they would like people who live within the geographic area of Westville to apply.

If you are willing to undergo some training and give up a few hours a week to be "on call" for one of your fellow citizens in need, please contact the Westville CPF or Safetnet.

Message the CPF page at: https://www.facebook.com/#/WestvilleCPForum?ref=bookmarks

Call the Safetynet coordinator, Mrs Cheryl Robertson on: 083 300 2957

Or email the CPF chair, Mr Mike Myers at: mike@fransmart.co.za

Or come meet us at the next CPF meeting on Tuesday the 15th September at the Westville Country Club at 6:30 pm.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY - Reporting every crime to the SAPS is beneficial to the whole community - 3 Sept 2015
"I receive a message from a reporter on Sunday night asking me about a home invasion in Westville that occurred on Friday in which a victim was stabbed. The replete would like comment.
This is the first I hear of the incident, as the CPF chairman I should be brought up to speed with all serious crime that has taken place in our precinct. I go onto News24 and find a whole article on the incident, it is evident that the repo we're has received his information from management at a security company which I will refer to as ABC Security Company.
I immediately fly off the handle and call the station commander wanting answers as to why I have not been notified.
He is as surprised as me and it soon becomes evident that he knows nothing about it either. First thought is where has SAPS slipped up.

There is no record of the incident at the station. On Monday morning we manage to establish that the incident was never reported to the police. The complainant nor ABC Security Company bothered to report it.
SAPS management and myself both interview a senior Ops manager at the security company and he informs us that the responding officer's priority at the time was getting medical treatment for the victim, this is understandable, but surely as he mentioned their protocol is that their control room operator is supposed to call the police and they failed to do so. The excuse is that the victim's daughter said she would call once her father had been attended to. That's simply not good enough ABC Security Company. You are supposed to have professionally trained personnel who take control in an emergency situation and take the burden away from the victim who has been traumatized, rightly so, these clients pay the security lots of money each month for this service. The Ops Manager did inform us that measures would be taken to try and avoid a similar occurrence.
What is the result:
1. The security officer arrived on the scene minutes after the attack. The suspect could very well have still been in the area, if SAPS were notified they may have been able to effect an arrest.
2. It was only today that SAPS managed to obtain the address and details of the victim from ABC Security Company, 5 days after the incident, poor show from the security company in not having these details readily available for SAPS.
3. The crime scene is now destroyed, cleaned up and no chance of fingerprints, DNA or any other evidence.
4. Statements of the victim and witnesses are now blurred as they have to remember details from 5 days ago.
6. The suspect is still on the street plying his trade.
The overall result is that the police's crime stats are affected, cases not reported to the police cannot show in their crime stats. Police stations' manpower is calculated on the crime rate in the area, with false information extra personnel cannot be applied for.
How can the public expect SAPS to do their work when they don't even know a crime had been committed because people have failed to report it.
A lesson here for everyone, the community must not only rely on their security company, they must call SAPS on 10111 and report the emergency, believe it or not, SAPS are pretty efficient in prioritizing and reacting to serious crimes in progress.
Security companies, you are paid a lot of money to provide a professional service to your clients. Provide this service properly, crime is a serious business, people can be injured or killed if you don't provide the service you promise.
The community must insist on the very best service from these companies, your life may depend on them. "
Westville CPF Chairman
Mike Myers

eThekwini Water & Sanitation

Hi Mike,

Further to our telephonic discussion concerning the new sewerage reticulation project in Westville, please could you post the following notice on your various community forums;

“The construction of the Westville Phase 2 sewerage reticulation, in the Westville Edgbaston Road area, has recently been awarded to Uhlanga Trading Enterprise cc. The anticipated completion date is the end of June 2016. The project entails the construction of 3km of sewerage reticulation including a 200mm diameter ductile iron elevated sewer parallel to the Umkumbaan River. Roads affected by this project will include Edgbaston Drive, Tyburn Way, Headingly Avenue, St, Georges Drive, Maryvale Road and Fenners Crescent. Queries may be directed to the Clerk of Works Mr. Quinton Swanepoel on 0718654048.”

Kind Regards
Brian Neale

Area Project Engineer
eThekwini Water & Sanitation | Technical Support | Design Branch
3 Prior Road, Durban, 4001
Tel : 031 311 8666 | Fax: 031 311 8549
Email : Brian.Neale@durban.gov.za

The CPF would like to thank Brian for passing on this information to the community.
Mike Myers

ARREST - 31 August 2015
Diligence and patience has paid off. Yesterday a man was questioned in connection regarding a theft case in Portman Road, unfortunately there was not enough evidence at the time and he was released.
SAPS members and members of the community never let the matter go and this afternoon the man was rearrested and is the suspect of an investigation that has been linked to a number of other petty theft cases around the property in which he was staying (we cannot release the address for legal purposes).
Well done to Constables Masinga, Pillay and Laatz for being so diligent and doing the necessary follow up investigation.
DWCW is proud of the members at Westville SAPS

From Dawncliffe Westville Community Watch

A group of 5 highly motivated policemen and women have put forward a great proposal to SAPS management and the CPF. SAPS management having given the proposal their blessing as long as the CPF can secure funding for the project.
It is proposed that SAPS Westville create a Central Task Team of five members on bicycles who will patrol the CBD hotspots. This team will interact with the community and businesses in the CBD area and conduct stop and search procedures if they encounter any suspicious activity. The team has also offered to tie up with other early morning cyclist teams and join them for occasional rides.
Main focus will be targeting specific crimes such as robberies of individual people, general theft, theft of motor vehicles, theft out of motor vehicles, drug abuse and assaults. This will go a long way in reducing and reversing the urban decay that we have been experiencing in recent times.
The Central Business District includes: Church Road, Blair Atholl Road, St James at the Pavilion and Westville Pool area, Waxy’s, Varsity College, Woodcutters, Westwood Mall, Westville Mall and Westville Junction.
As the community we would have to equip this team with suitable bicycles and specific SAPS approved riding gear, which cost we are currently working on. First indications show that this amount will be around R25,000 to 35,000. This cost can obviously be reduced by having sponsors from the cycling industry come on board to donate equipment or at least offer decent discounts.
We would value your comments and input here. Those willing to contribute toward this project are to please email us at cpfwestville@gmail.com or drop us a private message to our Facebook inbox. Any contributions would be appreciated.
Many thanks,
Mike Myers
Chairman CPF Westville

Provisional Commissioner's attempt to close Community Police Forums in Gauteng? - 30 July 2015
Advance Notice - 22 July 2015
The Westville Community Police Forum Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for the 15th September 2015

Whilst there has not been an official response to the media release regarding the understaffing and thin senior management at Westville SAPS, we can report that:
1. The Cluster Commander and Station Commander have met with the committee and it seems as though the matter is being taken seriously.
2. Both the Cluster Commander and Station Commander have committed to presenting the committee with a documented plan to deal with the increase in serious crime in Westville. The community must understand that due to the sensitive nature of this plan we will not be able to release the contents to the public.
3. We have been promised that the issue of the management and staffing will be addressed and we look forward to the outcome.

From the committee's side we are committed to working with SAPS to overcome this issue and look forward to bringing normality back to our suburb.
We also thank all the committee SAPS members on the ground that are passionately working to bring an end to this crime wave.

Mike Myers

Follow up.
There are several related articles in the Highway Mail - these may be found at the following links.


Today Westville lost a true friend. CPF Committee member, Westville community member and businessman Yashin Bagwandeen died tragically after being shot in an armed robbery at his home in Westville.
Yashin was the kindest and most gentle man ever. His hand was always in his pocket helping someone, be it a policeman, community member, a friend or anyone else for that matter.
Yash was always giving and today he gave again, only this time he gave his life to protect his family.
The news of his tragic death today was devastating to all the committee members as well as the members of the police who knew him well.
Yashin rest in peace our friend, we will always remember you for only good, you never had a bad bone in your body, you never deserved this.
Our deepest condolences to Yash's family and loved ones, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Mike Myers

Crime info for Westville residents, business owners and visitors.- 16 July 2015
Please note we are getting sporadic cases of house robbery in all sectors early hours of the morning, around 2 to 4 am. Suspects are forcing entry as a house breaking and then when home owners investigate noise, they are confronted and the crime becomes house robbery. No serious injuries so far. Concerning to note these suspects are not deterred by wailing alarms.

My advice, used in multiple scenarios. Be cautious to wade out to investigate an alarm or "noise". You are going into an unprepared state where you know nothing about your opponent, what he may be armed with, nor his mental state.
In military parlance we call this an "ambush".

Do not walk into something you do not know how to walk out of.

Unless you are trained and prepared, please be extremely cautious. I'm not expecting you to cower under your covers and tremble, but your life and family's is worth more than the few items grabbed out the lounge.

In saying that, pack portable valuables away at night. In my career, when Ive visited countless crime scenes, we can see by footprints and cctv footage, crooks will circle the entire house and peep through every window to see what's available. Putting it simply, if they look through yours and there ISN'T a laptop on the couch etc, they may leave you alone.

Of course the top idea is for criminals not to be able to get onto your property at all. Maybe this crime threat is the initiative you need to revisit your boundary security, test your beams and check your armed response times.

If your alarm goes off, please phone 10111 straight away. We really do like to know there is a crime happening and we really do like catching crooks. Please don't assume "your" alarm company is going to do it for you. Surely you would want as many assets on the scene as possible.

A last thought. If you do intend roaring out to take on the bad guys (after you phone 10111) please let us know what you look like and dressed in. There is nothing like arriving at a scene and meeting a guy running down a driveway with a gun in his hands. The call might have been a housebreaking, it could have been a domestic, a murder, anything.

Be careful please. Have a safe weekend.

Article from Sgt Stephen Clark's Facebook Page

 Ref: https://www.facebook.com/pages/C-3-Community-Crime-Cooperative/177582682300204

16 July 2015 - Lt. Colonel Tommy Stewart recently celebrated his retirement at a function initiated by his colleagues from the Westville SAPS and supported by the Westville Community Police Forum. The WCPF and the Westville SAPS would like to thank Mark Anderson and his team at Westville SUPERSPAR in Church Road, Westville for their continued  support for this and many other functions in the past. Tommy's farewell dinner was held at Natal Mounted Rifles headquarters in Durban with about ninety colleagues, family and friends

This event celebrated Tommy's 42 years service  Pictured right is Lt. Col. Tommy Stewart with The Traffic Guy Johann von Bargen at a recent WCPF Public Meeting and image right, Mark Anderson from Westville SUPERSPAR.

There were many speeches, some being quite emotional, giving testament to Tommy's dedicated attitude to his duties including mentoring many colleagues and having a caring approach to the community he served and his ability to keep spirits high as well as having a unique sense of humour that was enjoyed by all. We in Westville are undeniably grateful to have had Tommy serving our community in such a positive way for his last four years in service with the South African Police Service.

Some images will be published soon.

Thank you Tommy.

Bert Trichardt of the Shell Service Station Blair Atholl Road accepts Dubcorp’s challenge and doubles it to R1000.
Bert challenges all other business in Westville and in particular other service stations to equal or better his pledge.
In the picture is Bert is receiving his certificate of appreciation from Andy Tribe and Mike Myers of the Westville CPF, accompanied by Rob Prece of Dubcorp Motors.
Bert, well done on taking up the challenge and your generosity is really appreciated.
We ask that Westville makes the effort to support Bert’s Shell Service Station by filling up there, they also have a great convenience store where you can enjoy a coffee and muffin while having your car washed.

Rob Prece the owner of Dubcorp Motors has laid down the gauntlet. He has donated R500 to the CPF toward Westville SAPS Emergency Vehicle repairs and has challenged all other Westville businesses to equal or better his pledge.
Besides the donation Dubcorp Motors does all minor repairs to the SAPS emergency vehicles, they charge the parts at cost and do all the work free of labour.
Rob Prece receives a certificate of appreciation from CPF Chairman Mike Myers for the kind donation. All other businesses equalling or bettering Dubcorp’s pledge will receive in person a certificate of appreciation and a picture will be posted on the CPF page. When you take up the challenge, be sure to share your post and challenge other businesses.
Well done Rob and Dubcorp, your kindness is always appreciated and put to good use in keeping Westville a safer place for all.

ref: https://www.facebook.com/WestvilleCPForum

The relationship between the Westville SAPS and the community is growing positively due to several factors that could be beneficial to any community. What you see above is just part of the positivity.  Some will say it is not the community's job to absorb some of the costs in improving the service offered by the police.

However it is a fact of life that you are better off by mitigating the circumstances that are of concern to you and your family.

Prior to having a lateral thinking core of Community Police Forum members the repair of Police emergency vehicles was undertaking by a remote government garage that was not totally concerned with a rapid turnaround for small items such as replace a clutch, replace disc pads etc. The net result was that motor vehicle resources needed to respond to community needs was compromised.

It is something special to witness the boost in morale of our very own SAPS members due to the public willingness to help them do their job.

The Project - Rapid Motor Repairs;  is just one of several projects whereby the community involvement is improving our lifestyle.

The high profile Project NHW is making a huge difference to safety and security in Westville and it's acceptance is growing rapidly having seen the success of the several established NHWs.

To experience the enthusiasm of both Community and SAPS relationship you really should take time out and com to a Westville CPF Public Meeting on every 3rd Tuesday of the month, except December, at the Westville Country Club.  IT IS FREE!

 Postal Code 3629 covers the same area as the original Westville Municipality and is the same area that the Westville SAPS serves.  Post Code 3629 has been undergoing a very positive change when it comes to crime prevention. Lets not get too complacent as there may be a negative impact on one big business that operates in some but not all areas of Westville.

With the growing acceptance of and effectiveness of large dedicated Neighbourhood Watches (NHW) crime is being reduced significantly in those areas that have come on board.

What needs attention is the potentially compromised areas where NHWs are not yet fully functional.  The big businesses that are taking strain are the organised crime syndicates that operate in all areas of Durban. They do their SWAT analysis to determine the most lucrative markets where the risk of failure is low. Crime does not really disappear, it simply moves around looking for a market of least resistance. Westville is doing quite well though there are several niggling areas that need attention for us to be up there with the best.  Read on to see how you can be part of the solution and I promise the police will match your effort.

Slightly more risky areas
In the short term this can be those areas that
a. have not yet initiated an effective NHW and
b. add to that areas where residents and businesses have not proactively reduced their risk profile.

I am sure that a. will be sorted out fairly shortly as more and more residents reap the benefit of belonging to a proactive and efficient NHW that has the full support of the Westville SAPS, Metro Police and the participating Armed Response companies.

There are also many things one can do to minimise the risk of being a victim of crime that are simple and low cost yet collectively if they are introduced en masse will bring a smile to you, your neighbours and absolute joy to the police.

To read all of the tips, suggestions etc and remember them all is near impossible. Yet if you don't make a start you are putting you and your community at a disadvantage. Once you heed the advice given you make life more difficult for the criminals and lower the risk for your neighbourhood.

Three simple examples follow and if embraced would take police off the case of too many petty or small crimes enabling them to apply more resources to more serious crime.

1. Have you got a clearly visible House No. affixed to your gate or front fence?
The police and other emergency services need to see these numbers to quickly get the scene of any given incident. If as is generally the case they are few and far between they have to slow down drastically to monitor how much further to go.

2. When you lock your car with a remote do you physically test at least one door to see if it is actually locked?
Remote blockers can block your remotes signal on virtually any car. If goods are stolen insurance will not pay. You were negligent and secondly if there is no physical evidence of forced entry you have no chance.

3. If you have driveway gates do you lock them at all times when not actually leaving and returning to your property?
The police are fully aware and constantly pleading with people keep the gate locked. "If you don't lock your gate then take it off and sell it".  It is so frustrating to be called out to the scene of a preventable crime leaving their ability to respond to more serious crime compromised.

These  3 simple tips make you less of a risk and as the whole community follows the the community is not as attractive to the criminals.

This all leads to a few simple requests:
1. Try to make the time to attend public community police forums to listen and ask questions every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 18h30 at the Westville Country Club. It is great to see how pleased the police are in Westville to have such good support from the community. See actual date and time on the Home page.

2. When TV is boring try looking up the Articles, Editorials, Brochures and News(your here) pages to get advice and learn about more preventative options.

3. Read about the good news and effectiveness on the various Neighbourhood Watch Facebook pages accessed from the "Home" page. You don't have to be a Facebook member to read the items though you would need to join to add your comment.
Look forward to seeing you at the next Westville CPF meeting. See home page
 - Andy Tribe

The following incident supports the benefit of having both an armed response service provider and a strong Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) - 8 April 2015

"Community Policing coupled with volunteer patrols and close relations with security companies works!

Well done to the roaming ADT guard Mr Mkize and Dawncliffe Volunteer Patroller Caz Weeks for making an arrest.
Around 9pm last night Mr Mkize reacted to dogs barking, he found a lone male hiding in the bush in O'Connor Road just off Ribston. This person was clutching a sports bag and looked suspicious. The guard managed to hold onto the suspect and summonsed Caz Weeks who lives close by to assist. Caz and Mr Mkize managed to detain the suspect until SAPS arrived.
The bag was searched and power tools were found in the bag, one of the power tools was in a box with a name on it. Caz recognised the name and called the resident. The resident confirmed that he was away and allowed us permission to enter his property to inspect. We found a garage gate forced open, louver windows to a workshop had been removed and the door opened from the inside.
SAPS arrested the suspect and a case of Housebreaking and Theft has been opened.
Well done to all involved"

News provided by Sgt. Steve Clark at Community Crime Cooperative

Update at Westville Metro Police - 18 March 2015
We bid a fond farewell to Metro Police Superintendent Philip Lionet who headed up the Westville Metro Station. Supt Lionet has taken retirement and we wish him great happiness in his future. However, we warmly welcome a new lady boss, Supt Ngubane who has been appointed in the post. We look forward to renewing the excellent relationship we have with the Metro Police in Westville.
Information from  C-3 Community Crime Cooperative
BUST OF THE MONTH - 18 February 2015
Detective Warrant Officer Sunder was awarded the Bust of the Month at last night's CPF Public Meeting.
He received this honour for his outstanding investigative work which led to a housebreaker being linked to a number of cases. His thorough investigative work also ensured a conviction and 18 year jail sentence.

D W/O Sunder has an excellent record for linking several crimes to one suspect with the net result being that convictions are significant. His record is just short of 100 years for a single suspect.

The Bust of the award was presented on 16th July 2015 by the acting Station Commander  Lt. Col. Joachim  Sikhosana and the WCPF Chairman Mike Meyers.

Load shedding vs Your safety and crime risk - 10 February 2015
It would be difficult to find a more informative article on the safety impact and potential risk of crime during load scheduling periods. The following article was sourced from Sgt.Steve Clarks - C-3 Crime Cooperative Community Following this there are several appropriate comments at the C-3 link.

"Load shedding is the topic of the moment, but before you either stop reading because you are sick of hearing about it, or prepare your own personal rant, this article is about general family safety and some advice I have both been given, and wish to share.

1. You might not be fully aware of the number of appliances you have on at any one time. The electricity can go off in the middle of you cooking supper or half way through the day. Be aware of anything you have on that has a heating element. Stove, oven, kettle, iron, hair dryer (even geyser). If you have load shedding, please make sure these things are switched OFF. Items that are plugged in, take the plug out. Please also check what kids had on in their rooms.

2. I know they are a cheap source of lighting, but I'm dead afraid of long candles. When I was a nipper, a friend of mine burnt his family house down because he was mucking around with candles. Please do not leave candles lit around the house, unsupervised. If this is what you choose to use for lighting, please use good, safe candle holders. Not something that is going to overheat and make your child drop it half way to the toilet. If you want, make it a family craft exercise, get on to Google and look up some ideas.

3. Paraffin lanterns may not be the best of the bunch for lighting but are as old as the Wild West and Great Trek and actually one of my personal favorites. I like the fact that you have to keep the glass clean and set the wick and not overfill the reservoir. They provide a warm homely glow that lights up a room and sets a nice mood. big convenient handles and a flat base means they can be pretty much hung or sat anywhere. I would advise they kept out of little hands as the metal and glass gets hot. There are much safer and efficient options for if one of your young ones needs the toilet.

4. Gas lights. Here you can have the small camping ones or the full blown arc light on top of a big cylinder. Which one you use will depend on what you are willing to carry around and how much you are going to use it. The smaller camping types are very portable and like the paraffin lantern can be placed or hung about anywhere. Again, beware of hot glass. The small down side is the fiddly cloth element. If it gets damaged, the light is pretty useless and you have to replace it.

5. They are not cheap, well some are, rechargeable battery powered portable LED lights. If kept charged, and only brought out for emergencies, these can give many, many hours of excellent light, safely. There is no stumbling around balancing candles or refilling flammable liquid. They do not heat up and become uncomfortable to hold, so if you can afford them, they are number one for lighting.

6. Head lamps. Off you go to Cape Union or Mr Price Sports and find a decent head lamp. Prices range all over the place but you can get pretty good ones at a reasonable price. They help keep hands free and cant be knocked over while you are trying to change a toilet roll. On this topic, get yourself a small torch you can put in a pocket, keyring or handbag. If the lights go out somewhere away from home where there is no back up generator, you can at least find your way out, get your car keys and away.

7. When I'm feeling glum I have the habit passed on from my ancestors that I need to put the kettle on. But seeing the power is off, that is a bit of a problem. So, along with my gas camping light, I have a matching gas burner. It boils a litre of water in a couple minutes and before you have properly updated your Twitter, you have at least a couple coffees ready. Here, a serious caveat. It might seem the automatic thing to do, but DO NOT place them on your stove top. Especially if you had already been cooking when the electricity went off. Stoves retain enough heat, and the very last thing you want to do is have an exploding gas canister in your kitchen. Especially if that gas is propane and you have sources of ignition around. (candles!) Put the burner on your granite top or in a baking tray on your counter top. Make sure it is off when you are finished. Again, you don't really want a flammable gas leak do you?

8. When the electricity goes off you are going to be acutely aware of ambient noise. With no TV or other electric hum, the middle of the suburb can become as quiet as rural bush, except for an errant burglar alarm that thinks it is being helpful by wailing away when its main power source is cut. Try not to get too jumpy by other noises you wouldn't have otherwise noticed. Bushes will rustle, your dog will make a groaning noise, the Kreepy Krawly will make funny sucking noises because pressure has changed. If you are unsure of something, please keep everyone together and keep calm. You flapping doesn't lend well to the confidence your children will have in you as a protector. Don't let them wander off alone. If you are going to the toilet, tell them. Don't just disappear into the darkness. When it is dark and nerves are already frayed, there is no fun in leaping out of shadows and frightening anyone. Accidents can happen. Stay together, whip out the board games and use the time together as a family without the electronic interference. (A battery powered FM radio or CD player might help the mood a bit too.)

9. Crime. Í've been looking closely at the crime stats for the past few weeks for Westville and, confirmed by our Station Commander, we can not find any correlation with times that there has been load shedding and crime incidents. In saying that, all our patrol members have been instructed that they must do visible and audible patrols during load shedding. Near my home I have on several occasions hear a quick blip of a siren as they guys circulate. Crooks are nevertheless opportunists and have access to the same shedding schedules as the rest of us. There is no cause for concern, but there may be a time when they use it to their advantage. Solution: don't drop your guard. Make sure your alarm back up battery and system is in good order. Make sure things like your garden gate motor battery is working. It will be very frustrating, let alone dangerous being locked out of your own driveway.

10. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Here's me being a realist and optimist. Eskom switching me off for a couple hours is actually saving me money. I know that doesn't apply to small business and my heart goes out to them. However, if you adequately prepare for a power outage, the disruption to your personal life will be minimal. Blame fixes nothing. I use the example of the flat tire. You can be stuck on the side of the road. You can blame the tire manufacturer, the vehicle, the pothole, the nail, the government, whoever or whatever you like. None of that emotion, anger or prejudice is going to make that flat tire take pity on you and re-inflate itself. The flat tire does not feel sorry for you, nor is it remorseful for failing on the freeway in the rain, when you are late for a meeting. What will see you out of a situation like that (and use this as general application) is: do you have a reasonable quality and correct tire for that vehicle? Is that tire appropriate for the road surface you are driving on? Did you ensure the tire is in good condition, not worn, or damaged, and inflated to the correct pressure? Were you traveling at an appropriate speed for that vehicle, weather conditions, road surface and tire make? Were you taking cognizance of any hazards such as potholes, puddles, change in surface. Now, you have a flat tire. When last did you inspect your spare? Do you know how to change a tire? Do you have all the tools necessary to do it safely? Do you have the number on a charged cell phone, with airtime of someone who can come to help you? See with all those questions, being cross or bitter or defensive doesn't change the fact. The same goes with load shedding. It's here. It isn't right. It is very inconvenient. But do you think some executive from Eskom is going to read your angry swearing Facebook post and take pity on you and switch the lights back on? Simply, no.

Keep it real, keep safe. The master of his environment is one who adapts to it or makes it adapt to him."

A couple of asides to the above.
1. When an outage occurs you should switch off all appliances and devices. (See Item 1 above).  In a modern home lights are often excluded from the Earth Leakage system and a single light left on would be sufficient to indicate that the power is back on.

When load shedding finishes there will be a massive surge of current that could even cause the network to become overloaded and switch off.  If everyone switched appliances and devices one at a time this surge can be prevented. Particularly prone to damage are computers and their peripherals including routers and telephones.

2. The KFC franchise at Westville Junction has had a fire that destroyed part of the roof and no doubt a lot of damage inside occurred.  Someone jokingly suggested that only BBQ'd chicken was now available. Not verified though probably correct the cause of the fire was caused after load shedding in that when load shedding started the staff went home though some circuits may have been left on. 

Baby rescuer gets recognised and rewarded: - 2 December 2014

Today Mr Michael Mngwevu was recognised by the community of Westville and the SAPS for finding and rendering aid to the abandoned newborn I wrote about last month.

Along with this certificate, Michael received R1000 in cash from the Community Police Forum as well as a R500 Spar voucher sponsored by the Westville SuperSpar.
Further, he will receive a further R500 per month in vouchers over the next six months, administered by the CPF.

Mr Mngwevu is past retirement age yet still works part time to support his family. I believe this reward will go a good way to help him, especially over Christmas.

News on the baby is mixed. He has been released from hospital and placed at a foster home, which is good news. However, we may not reveal exactly where he is, nor what name he has been given. Child protection laws are very strict about this. (I truly do not know where he has been placed.) Many people have come forward and wanted to offer support for him, which is heartbreaking because I simply am unable to direct them.

My suggestion is to get in touch with a baby foster home near you and support them with whatever you can. They often post wish lists of things they need from formula to maintenance on buildings.

Look up on Facebook, Baby House Westville, and Baby Hope House, in Pinetown.C-3 Community Crime Cooperative's photo.

Pictured fltr: Colonel E Emmanuel, Westville SAPS Station Commander, Mr Michael Mngwevu, Lt Col J Sikhosana and Mr Andy Tribe, Westville Community Police Forum.

Thanks to all who contributed to this reward.

Article by Sgt. Steve Clark
Communications Officer
 Westville SAPS

Ref: C-3 Community Crime Cooperative and
        Dawncliffe Westville Community Watch

See original article 2 items below.

Abandoned newborn rescued:

Life has a way of persevering through untold hardships. Coupled to that, call it fate, call it luck, call it Divine, things happen to us that keep us alive and (in most cases) pretty healthy.

Not everyone has the greatest start in life though. This morning at about 9:30 Mr Michael Mngwevu of Howard Electrical, who were contracted to clear trees away from overhead lines on Cliff Road, Westville, had to "go". He made his way into some thin bush between Cliff rd and the M13 and noticed a newborn baby lying among the leaves. He immediately scooped it up and wiped off the ants that were already climbing over the tiny life.

He called for help and one of the first respondents was Miss Pamela Jimu who works in a home a few meters away. She brought towels and wrapped the little boy up, cord and placenta still attached.

Westville SAPS were immediately summoned and we flew to the scene. My crew, Cst Laatz, a trained paramedic, conducted some first aid on the baby and determined the little one was less than an hour old. Within a short time Netcare and ER24 ambulances were on the scene and the as yet unnamed baby was removed to hospital.

The SAPS have opened a case and part of the investigation will be to canvas local clinics. If anyone has information as to who might be the biological mother to please contact the Westville SAPS or CrimeStop on 08600 10111.

Pictured: Cst Wynand Laatz examining and supporting the newborn.
Mr Mngwevu and Miss Jimu point out the location the baby was found while paramedics recover biological evidence.

Folks, you will recall that on Thursday morning, 13 11 2014, Mr Michael Mngwevu, pictured right, rescued an hour old baby that was dumped in the bushes, the story was shared on our page on Thursday afternoon.
People like Michael make the difference in this very cruel world.
We will be honoring Michael at this week's public CPF Meeting, in addition to this we would like to reward this individual for his actions which led to saving this beautiful child's life.
We are taking donations toward his reward, noting that we only have one day of grace before the meeting, we ask that you act swiftly in this regard.
Below you will find our banking details where you can donate, any donation toward this will be greatly appreciated. Please use the reference 'Michael' so that we can allocate the funds appropriately.

Banking details:
Standard Bank
Branch: Westville
Branch Code: 045426
Account No. 054957346
Well done to Michael.
Ref: https://www.facebook.com/WestvilleCPForum and

Follow up
Friday Afternoon Humanity:

Our rescued baby is still in hospital. He is expected to go to a foster home as soon as doctors are happy to release him.

For some time I have spoken about our work Hope House, a foster home we are hoping that "Michael" may be sent to for love and care.

Newborns are abandoned almost weekly around Durban and Ive appealed for help in the past. This time it has hit home as it has happened close to our hearts, in our area.

I want to make an appeal on two fronts. One, I am asking the Community Policing Forum to arrange a gift for Mr Michael Mngwevu, who found the baby. If you would like to contribute to that, please contact our CPF Chair, Mr Mike Myers.

On the second front our continued work with places such as Hope House is continuing on a daily basis. As soon as I know where the foundling is sent Id like to set up a fund or account to help him, provide for him and get him going into his life. Again, if you are interested in helping, please get hold of Mike.

His email address is mike@fransmart.co.za

I'm keeping tabs on the baby's progress and will keep the page informed.
Have a good weekend. Pull your loved ones close.
Report supplied by Sgt. S D Clark, Communications Officer, Westville SAPS and Mike Myers, Chairman of the Westville Community Police Forum
Westville Sector Policing recovers stolen Toyota Fortuner. - 31 October 2014

Yesterday afternoon Westville Sector Policing received a Tracker signal of a confirmed stolen black Toyota Fortuner taken in Kloof a short time earlier. The Fortuner was spotted on the N3 at the Pavilion and the Westville vehicle gave chase.

The pursuit ensued over Spaghetti Junction to the N2 South, south bound where it is alleged shots were exchanged between vehicles. The Fortuner came to a stop after the Higgenson Highway bridge, where the driver got out, still shooting, and fled through the oncoming traffic. At this time other SAPS and Metro units arrived and pursued the suspect into the swamp on the Durban bound side of the N2.

Durban South K9 units were quickly on the scene and searched the area but were unable to trace the suspect. Detectives are continuing the investigation.

Now there will be some professors out there who will ask why the suspect wasn't shot dead in his tracks. Unfortunately, the same professors were not at the scene with three lanes of 4 o'clock thick traffic between their guns and the bad guy. It will only take one bullet to go from good cop to shooting some mommy in the side of the head because your stress and resultant tunnel vision didn't let you see her come past in her Jeep Cherokee.

The members acted correctly, respecting the lives of innocent community members around them.

Well done to Cst Wynand Laatz for his diligence and driving skills, keeping up with the more powerful vehicle.
Sgt. S D Clark
Communications Officer
Westville SAPS

Note: Recently thieves have targeted Fortuners in the Highway area.  It seems syndicates are targeting these vehicles to satisfy demand in neighbouring countries.  Fortuner owners need to be alert.

BUSINESS SUPPORT for Westville CPF Projects - 18 November 2014
Many businesses in Westville are contributing towards making the members of the Westville SAPS both more efficient as well as making them feel that their efforts are appreciated. Two that have come to my attention of late are:
1. Dubcorp a multi faceted vehicle service centre underneath Blair Atholl Motors run by Rob Prece and his team. Dubcorp have been assisting with keeping SAPS vehicles out of repair shops resulting in more vehicles in service at any point in time

2. Bert Trichardt of Blair Atholl Motors provides refreshments for SAPS members when on duty in Westville North.

The local community receives an improved level of service due to increased resources whilst the SAPS members have an improved sense of belonging.

There are many others contributing towards the improvement of both morale of the Police as well as their working environment.

Whilst the Westville CPF will acknowledge the support it gets for these projects there are some who contribute significantly though wish to remain anonymous.
Submitted by Andy Tribe
WCPF Committee

Holiday Season Alert - 17 November 2014
Submitted by Malcolm Hawkey and supplied by A D T Security.
Safeguarding your house against a home invasion

With weeks to go before the holidays, homeowners and households should continue to keep safety and security top of mind.

A home invasion occurs when criminals access a house while the occupants are indoors. Intruders see these kinds of crime as a quick and easy way to gain access. There are measures that can be implemented to reduce the risk of being targeted by home invaders:

Start on the outside; trim trees and shrubs so that they cannot be used as a hiding place. Also ensure that the yard, pathways and dark corners are well-lit. Regularly check burglar bars and security gates for rust or weak spots that would allow them to easily broken or forced open.

If the premises is surrounded by high walls consider fitting a videophone at the gate. This gives control over who is allowed to come onto the property. Ensure that pedestrian and driveways gates are always closed and locked. If visitors can walk right up to the door, install a peephole to be able to see who is on the other side before the door is opened.

The first step to the implementation of safety measures from the inside is to make sure that everyone in the house knows what the rules are and makes them a part of their daily routine.

Be sure that the household - including domestic staff - know when and how to use the alarm system and panic buttons if these are installed. They must also know who to call in an emergency; make a list of contact numbers and post them on or near the telephone. If they have not been informed, the door must not be opened to any delivery people or service providers even if they insist that they have an appointment.
Of utmost importance that the alarm system is armed overnight or when anyone is home alone. If possible, lock inter-leading doors to rooms that are not used overnight and keep a cell phone at the bedside in case of an emergency.

If in the unfortunate event that a criminal is able to force their way into the home, try to stay as calm as possible and to try to evaluate the situation. It is important to co-operate and handover any valuables the intruders demand, especially if there is no way to escape or raise the alarm.

Try to observe as much about what the intruder is wearing and the manner in which they speak or behave. When they leave, do not follow them but close and lock the doors behind them and contact the South African Police Service or your security company immediately.

Membership to the local neighbourhood watch adds another layer of security. 

Yours in safety
ADT Security
Thank you Dawncliffe, you were amazing. What a fantastic area to live in. - 25 October 2014
If you were one of the participants, we would love you to comment on your experience being part of this
Saturday's show of force and solidarity we believe was probably the largest ever held in South Africa and was a massive success. A big thanks to SAPS Westville, Westville Metro Police, Dawncliffe Community Watch, Jubilee Community Watch ; Westville, UVRA - Umzimbeet Valley Residents Association's Community Watch, and individuals in particular Colonel Emmanuel, Colonel Sikosana, Sgt Stephen Clark, Constable Wynand Laatz and Adreas Mathios of SACAN

Folks this was massive and we thank the community for their tolerance and support, awesome to see people standing in the street waving at us and showing their appreciation to these crime fighting members.

We had 4 Police vehicles, ADT, and 41 civilian street watch volunteer vehicles in a convoy spanning over half a kilometre.

After the drive volunteers handed out 5000 flyers in an effort to grow the neighbourhood watch initiatives into the rest of Westville. Come on folks, Westville is yours, own it!

Westville CPF Neighborhood Watch (NHW) "Show of Force" convoy preparing for publicity run through out Westville

Metro Police, SAPS and NHW Volunteers getting ready for publicity run

NHW Solidarity convey Westville - Dunkeld Road.

Analysis of the three components that must be present to constitute a crime. Presentation by Sgt. Steve Clark at the Westville CPF public meeting - 21 October 2014
also view the presentation  

"To understand how a crime, any crime, occurs we must understand the lowest common denominators in the massive and complex mix of human behaviour.
We can make a simple model, which holds true in every crime, we can see how the elements relate to each other and how we have control over them.
We can see how, by altering or removing one of the factors we can very easily prevent crime. If we choose to.

It’s called the Crime Triangle, hence it has three factors: Victim, Criminal and Opportunity. Let’s explore each one and see its role in the triangle.

Victim. This is technically a “potential” victim as the crime hasn’t been committed yet. The victim has to be present otherwise there is nothing for the criminal to target. The “victim” in this can be a person or a thing, like a business or a possession that is targeted.
Therefore, if the Victim is removed from the equation, very simply there can be no crime. It can also apply if the “Victim” is inaccessible.

Criminal. This is simply a person who has the ability and desire to commit an ofence. Here I talk about “crime displacement”. You physically remove the (potential) criminal from the vicinity of the victim or physically block him so that he cannot do his deed. Either he is forced out of the area by the presence of Police or patrols or he is forced to change his modus operandi because it has become too difficult to commit a crime. You remove the criminal, obviously crime cannot be committed. Here, I don’t want to limit he criminal to just housebreakers or hijackers. Draw this closer to home and think drunk driving or even domestic violence too.

Opportunity. This factor also extends to “Desire” for the criminal to commit the crime. You can have a potential criminal in close proximity to a potential victim, but if the criminal does not have the opportunity or desire to commit the crime, then once more, no crime can take place. Here we can recall the physical barriers or removal of the criminal above. We can also remove the desire through rehabilitation of a crook or the prevention of the development of a potential criminal. This can extend to job creation but also self-discipline, society and family morals. (Remember the drunk driver!)

All three working together, Opportunity then has a lot to do what the Victim presents and the potential criminal being present. A laptop left in a car, for example. Desire is more what the Criminal feels. Unless he wants to do the deed, he can’t. (There could also be a factor of negligence….Culpable Homicide.) But, if that negligence is on the behalf of the Victim, he or she is then very helpfully creating the Opportunity, if not the whole triangle.
If the community knows that a certain place is a “hot spot” for say, theft out of motor vehicle, why do individuals then still park cars there with valuables in full view? That victim has presented the potential criminal with a gift and can blame no-one but themselves.

Ah, but there will be some who will punch out the cliché, “We shouldn’t have to live like this!” To respond, I use the analogy of weather. If you lived in a cold climate, like Europe, You could state, “We shouldn’t have to live like this!” and neglect to wear warm clothing. But what will happen? You will very quickly reap the consequences of your action. The weather is impersonal. It affects whatever it comes in contact with. You dress and behave accordingly. That what makes us Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The thinking man that thinks. We can plan and adapt. Is this so different to our response to crime? We can sit back and BE a victim and have the attitude that, well a cold front is on the way, I’m going to freeze to death. Or, you can choose to take preventative action. Make a mental decision not to be a victim, take advice, make precautionary provisions for the prevailing conditions. It’s really what separates us from sheep that huddle and shiver in freezing rain.

Realise you have control over at least two of the corners of the triangle. You, the potential victim, and denying the criminal the opportunity to strike. Remember, it only takes the elimination of ONE of the three to have no crime. The system is on our side. Make it so."

Presented by Sgt S D Clark
Communications Officer
SAPS Westville

Westville Housebreakers arrested in Sydenham: - 16 October 2014
Late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning a housebreaking was reported in Berea West. A Tactical Response Team (TRT) was working in the Sydenham area and received info where the same crooks were headed.
A knock on a door in Clair Estate later and three suspects were arrested as well as the recovery of a TV and DVD player.
We must admit, our neighbouring station is doing some good work.
Keep it up guys!

Supplied by Sgt. S D Clark
Communications Officer
SAPS Westville
C-3 Community Crime Cooperative
Road closures times to facilitate the AmaShova cycle event on Sunday 12 October 2014
As promised, here is a reminder of the road closure times for this Sunday's  amaShova cycle ride.

Please plan your day and routes.

Chief Albert Luthuli Street to Alexandra Road 04:00-09:30
Alexandra Road to Umlaas Road 04:00-12:00
Umlaas Road to R103 Ichanga/ 1000 Hills 04:30-12:30
R103 Ichanga to Botha’s Hill Butchery 04:30-13:15
R103 Patna Road to Kassier Road/M13 on ramp 04:30-13:45
M13 Hillcrest to M13 Westville 04:30-13:45
M13 Westville to M13 45th Cutting 04:15-14:45
N3 outbound to Monty Naiker (Pine) Street 04:00-15:45
Masabalala Yengwa Ave (South Bound) 04:00-16:00
Suncoast boulevard 04:00-16:00
Marine Parade (Suncoast) 04:00-16:00

Supplied by Sgt S D Clark
Communications Officer
SAPS Westville
Tremendous Tuesdays: - 8 October 2014
This morning Constables Buthelezi and Cele of Westville SAPS Crime Prevention were patrolling and conducting stop and search operations in the Westville Central area.

They spotted a suspect that was wanted for several house breakings. Upon searching him they found a digital camera that he could not explain how he had it in his possession. He was promptly arrested and taken to the Westville SAPS and was detained.

We have linked the 23 year old suspect positively by fingerprints to more than ten (10) incidents of house breaking and theft at two gated complexes in Westville central.

Sector Policing members and Crime Prevention had built up a profile of the suspect so it became an exercise of diligence for the members to keep on the look out for the suspect during the hours he operated as it was certain that he knew he was being sought.

The suspect will be charged and appear in Pinetown Court soon. Bail will be opposed and a remand to custody expected to be granted for detectives to collate all the dockets and present them to the court to secure a convincing conviction.

Westville Station Commander, Colonel Ellen Emmanuel expressed that she was extremely pleased with the breakthrough arrest. She praised the efforts and long hours the members had put in to achieve this success.

Anyone who may have further information to contribute to the investigation is welcome to call W/O Sunder on 079 500 0826.

My comment: For a long time I have preached the multilayer approach to home and self protection. When these crimes took off, we tried to get the residents in these complexes to secure their individual homes and not leave items around in view. A further challenge, similar to one we faced in a complex in Berea West, was that "secure" complexes are really not that secure. The illusion of a big front wall and boom and guard is really exactly that. An illusion. It has no effect on the crook climbing the fence "at the back" which borders on bush. So once he was in, he had carte blanche to do as he wished since individual units were largely unprotected and left open during the day in the mistaken belief that the place was protected. Indeed we had long issues with body corporates to get them to cut back bush and build up all perimeters to halt the intrusions.

We have tried to educate the community that one has to reinforce all layers on one's security profile for it to stand up to persistent attack.

Let's in future take advice from the learned and a lot of pain can be avoided.
Sourced from C-3
Sgt S D Clark
Westville SAPS

Westville Cares Day was put together by Westville Rotary Club at Jimmy Bellows Field on 24th September. This was a significant family day event managed by Debbie Maddocks of Rotary.. Westville Community Police Forum was the beneficiary and is extremely grateful for the donation of R7600 received from Westville Rotary Club.
Sourced from
Dawncliffe Westville Community NHW
Robbery at the Pavilion - 10th September 2014
At approx 10:30 on Wednesday 2014-09-10 a private person parked his MV at the Pavilion parking lot. He proceeded to walk to the banking hall when he was confronted by two suspects. One was armed with a firearm. The other took a bag from the complainant that contained a large sum of cash and the suspects fled. Direction unknown.

A case docket of armed robbery has been opened at Westville SAPS and is under investigation. CCTV footage and other leads are being followed.
No arrests have been made yet.

No shots were fired, no injuries caused to anyone.
Sgt S D Clark
Youths arrested: - 9th September 2014
Yesterday morning, Municipal workers were cutting trees on Westville road when one became a victim of a drive-by shooting. The workers described a vehicle with occupants that drove past them several times and then one occupant (description known to investigators) pointed a black pistol at them and fired a shot.

A member of the community passed the scene seconds later and saw that a projectile was lodged in the man's hand.
Witnesses gave him a thorough and detailed description of the suspects, the vehicle, a red Renault Clio and that of the pistol used.
He then called the incident in to the Westville SAPS.

Our members went to the scene where the victim was receiving medical attention, and the same information was passed on. The description of vehicle, suspects and weapon was circulated.
The same member of the community was passing the entrance of the Varsity College on Link road and spotted the same vehicle and occupants.
He held observation on them until SAPS arrived. Upon searching the suspects and vehicle the above pictured high velocity pellet gun was found.
The three suspects aged 18, 18 and 19 were arrested and charged with Assault with intent to do Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH)
They will appear in Pinetown court tomorrow.

The victim was tended to by paramedics on the scene and removed to hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the projectile and have the damage repaired.

Investigations continue.

What possessed these individuals to commit this ALLEGED (in case someone's mommy is reading this) is beyond me. They showed absolutely no degree of remorse nor accountability for the incident and despite solid evidence to the contrary, family members maintain their innocence.

If I had 5c for every suspect I arrested whose family said he was a "good boy" and would "never do anything like this"....

Sgt. S D Clark
Westville SAPS Communication Officer

Ref: C 3 Community Crime Cooperative 
Breakthrough arrests in Westville today: - 9th September 2014

This afternoon an arrest of three suspects may be a further nail in the coffin of car theft syndicates in the Pinetown Cluster.

Westville Crime Prevention member, W/O Desan Pillay was on duty at about 14:00 and scouting out local shopping centers where theft of and out of vehicles had been of late. He spotted three suspects in a silver 320i BMW at the Westville Mall parking lot. The three were wandering around, appearing to be talking on cell phones, but Pillay noted they were actually scoping out parked cars.

They left the parking area shortly afterward and drove to the SuperSpar in Church road with W/O Pillay following. He kept observation on them as they watched a shopper park his Land Rover Freelander and noted that although the owner appeared to press his remote to lock the vehicle and walk away, it wasn’t locked. Desan called for backup and several units close by responded to help jam either vehicle if it got away.

One suspect got out of the BMW and made his way directly to the Land Rover. Pillay moved closer and waited for his moment. He watched the suspect casually open the driver’s door, get in and start digging around in the vehicle. W/O Pillay approached him, challenged him and in a second the suspect was in handcuffs without his colleagues in the BMW even knowing.

The others drove around the parking towards the Land Rover with Desan pretending not to notice. As they passed him, he leapt out and stopped them. The remaining suspects were also arrested, and in their possession was found several remote jamming devices, cell phones and USB drives.

All three suspects, aged 32, 37 and 40 were detained at Westville SAPS for attempted theft of motor vehicle and possession of car breaking implements. The BMW along with their equipment was logged in as exhibits in the case. Detectives are continuing investigating to see what other cases the trio may be linked to. The suspects will be charged and will appear in court soon.

I briefly interviewed the owner of the Land Rover, Mr Richard Bunting, who said he was extremely grateful for the arrest and for W/O Pillay’s good work.

Both Westville SAPS Station Commander, Colonel Emmanuel and CPF Chair Mr Mike Myers also commended W/O Pillay for his continued diligence and dedication to the community of Westville. Ref: C 3 Community Crime Cooperative 
WHENEVER YOU LEAVE YOUR CAR PLEASE LOCK ALL DOORS AND IF YOU USE A REMOTE MANUALLY CHECK THAT THE DOORS ARE LOCKED. Do it three or more times and it becomes second nature. No car is immune to this risk. Remember - Insurance will not accept a claim where there is no evidence of a break in.

WHENEVER YOU LEAVE YOUR CAR PLEASE LOCK ALL DOORS AND IF YOU USE A REMOTE MANUALLY CHECK THAT THE DOORS ARE LOCKED. Do it three or more times and it becomes second nature. No car is immune to this risk. Remember - Insurance will not accept a claim where there is no evidence of a break in.

Sgt. S D Clark
Westville SAPS Communication Officer
Ref: C 3 Community Crime Cooperative 

This was to me one more chore added to a long list of what onr must do to minimise being a victim of crime. After about 3 times of checking a door after remote locking it has become a habit that seems natural. Having since experienced a remote blocking of my car's remote I did not move on and noticed that several cars had alarms going and owners could either not or not unlock their vehicles. Security personnel from two shops could identify the source hough after about 3 minutes all of the vehicles went back to normal. How does blocking work? - Who knows, yet what we do know is that it does work and in principle when the blocker is active the signal from your or anyone else's remote is not active.

Here is a disturbing spinoff for the criminals.
Q - Why is remote blocking prevalent in Westville?
A - Too many people do not heed the warnings and while Westville residents, visitors, employees of Westville businesses etc. ignore the warning the more likely the criminals will reap the rewards!  There is no shortage of unlocked vehicles in Westville and therefore no quotas on how may one criminal may access.

Secondly spare a though to the police that get called out to assist in a preventable incident the less time they have to attend to more serious crimes!

Andy Tribe

First arrest….easiest arrest ever- 9th September 2014

Mrs Petro van Rensburg is SAPS Westville’s logistics and Supply Chain clerk. She issues us everything from bullets to boots. Today she had an experience that she will remember for a long time.

A woman came into her office asking for a blank (?) “SAP 69” which is a document generated off the national criminal database showing what criminal convictions a person has. Of course Mrs van Rensburg couldn’t issue such a document, especially a blank one, so she helpfully took the woman down to see D/W/O Thulani Dludla in the Detective department.

Veteran investigator Dludla thought this was a strange request so was not surprised when he ran the woman’s ID number only to find she actually had a warrant of arrest out for her and on one of his cases too!

Group commander, D/Capt Martin Magwaza kind heartedly congratulated Mrs van Rensburg on her first arrest after over twenty years’ service as a civilian in the SAPS.

W/O Dludla admits that was probably the easiest bust he’s ever made.

Anyway Petro is beaming and I only managed to get this one snapshot of her before she started blushing and chased me out the office. Ref: C 3 Community Crime Cooperative 

Sgt. S D Clark

Westville SAPS Communication Officer
Ref: C 3 Community Crime Cooperative 
End of shift crime analysis:  - 05 December 2013
House robberies are occurring between 7 and 9pm. Almost all the victims were confronted outside their houses. They were either pottering around in the garage or coming home or doing other things outside. The concern is that the bulk had open driveway gates, open front doors and gates and all these were visible from the street. In recent occasions none of the victims had dogs.

Ultimately the crooks are taking targets that are immediately visible to them, and "easy". Suspects are usually 2 to 4 males, young post teen, early twenties. Number of firearms seen varies as some victims stated that they saw weapons passed between suspects so an accurate count cannot be made.

One group encountered several times in different areas are very concerning. They wear bandanas around their faces "gangster" style. (Possibly to hide a distinguishing feature, or simply for psychological impact) This group are young and in a couple of cases, quite rough with victims. Nobody has sustained serious injuries but I believe it may not be too much of a push for them to become more violent.

All cases the suspects demand jewelry and cash. This ties in with my earlier article about the Festive Season criminal "shopping". However, in one incident last night, laptops were taken as well as a tv. Last night, a vehicle used by crooks was a black hatchback, very likely a VW polo. In other incidents, suspects came and left on foot.

The combating and investigation of these crimes will be up to us. Cluster detectives take all house robbery cases in order to pool resources and very much because the same crooks will strike in more than one policing area. What the community can do is quite simple. Help displace the crime. How? Limit the the risk exposure you present. I have now told you about the modus operandi of the crooks so start adjusting how you go about things. Firstly, up your levels of alertness to what is going on around you. If you have to go out your house around those times, make sure it is safe to do so. How is your lighting? Have you got too many dark spots and blind corners that you have no idea what is going on 2 meters other side the door? No gate or fence is a perfect barrier. Ive watched my own colleagues (and I did in my younger days) scale palisade fences in seconds. But, you can still make things as unattractive as possible within your budget. If you have dogs, get them to meet you at the gates when you come home and at your front door when you want to come out. The key rule is to please keep the damn things closed and locked. That is why they are there. To keep unwelcome people OUT. If you leave them open, people will come in.
Until we, collectively, have displaced this trend, please limit your movements outside during these times. If you are coming home during this time, get family to open up for you and close afterwards. Be alert and actually react to vehicles that are possibly following you. I did this a couple times last night. I pulled up next to the person in their driveway and was met with wide eyed stares. Rats in a trap. If another car is behind you for more than two or three turns coming home DO NOT go home. Keep driving. If it sticks behind you after more random turns, get on your phone to the POLICE and, please, keep moving.

In Westville (and other places), where do you think are the absolute least number of these occurrences?
Where they have better fences and gates? Somewhat.
Where their lighting is good? Likely.
Where the Police patrol often? Close...
Where for several hours, during the highest risk times, every intersection in the area has a couple members of the community watch parked off in their cars, just being visible, but absolutely stamping the mark of "this is MY turf" to anyone who passes by? 10/10

Nothing deters criminals more that the physical incapacity to actually enter a particular area and commit an offence. No, you cant build a big wall. But what you can do are the little things that add up to the overall protective posture.

One thing will kill you more surely than cyanide: complacency.

Weather you are in the Kruger Park, Durban beach, False Bay or Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Unless you take reasonable precautions to protect yourself against the prevailing threats in that area at that time, you will put yourself at risk.

It's your life. Take it seriously.

Sgt Stephen Clark
SAPS Westville

Long standing Westville SAPS member due to retire. - September 2013
 He has thick arms and wrists that give you a distinct impression of “ballie strength”. The type of power that has not come from a gym, but from a life of hard work. He won’t talk about the long scar down the left side of his face that reaches from temple to chin. It’s one of those scars that have a story that few know, and at least one didn’t survive to tell. Despite the hard face the eyes twinkle of youth and humour. The words formed by the deep hoarse voice are wise and extremely eloquent. His impeccably neat uniform belies a humble man who does not like to speak of his own achievements, but rather of what men before taught him. 

This is Warrant Officer Jerome Goba.

He wouldn’t tell me his date of birth but said he grew up in Mzinyathi Mission in Ndwedwe where he also went to school. Goba said he always wanted to be a policeman but when he told his father, his father was not happy. It was dangerous and the political climate of 1973 was very unstable. Young Jerome convinced his dad that it was honourable work with a future, a pension and medical care. Eventually his father agreed but with a warning. “Never take one cent that isn’t owed to you. The moment you do, all respect for you is gone.” Warrant Goba’s eyes grew serious for a second. “I can tell you now. In my 40 years of service I have never broken what my father told me.” 
I asked him what principles had kept him on the straight and narrow over this long career. He did not hesitate for a second but retorted, “Discipline, honesty, integrity” in a tone like I should have known the answer. 

He started his career as a Police student at Port Shepstone SAP and in July 1974 went to Police College at Hammanskraal for training. He was posted back to Port Shepstone and served there in the Charge Office until 14 July 1981. Yes, he knows the exact date.

Msinsini SAP is a tiny station in the area of uMthwalume. It is farm and rural area. Goba tells me with a hint of pride that he was transferred there because the station was falling apart and they needed some reliable members to pick the place up. Before he took up the post he was sent to Benoni to get his drivers licence. He said he had one day, from knowing nothing about cars to passing a learner’s licence. And again with a twinkle in the eye he said he passed forst time. He recalled that even as a young policeman, older people had respect for what you stood for. At Msinsini, chieftains would invite the SAP over to the homestead just to visit. Out the yellow van 26 year old Constable Goba hopped to be welcomed and treated with deep respect by the local traditional leaders. “A different time.” he said. The post taught him some new skills. Because it was so small there were no detectives per se. Each policeman opened and investigated cases. He said he handled everything from stock theft to murder.

So on the 30 June 1984 Cst Goba took a cross transfer to Westville SAP to be closer to home. He reported here on 1 July and has been here since. How many people work one job for 28 years, let alone one post? 

During this time Goba started studying for his Police Diploma and in 1994 he was promoted to Sergeant. Four years later he was made Inspector. (now Warrant Officer) He tells me in his career he has carried four different side arms. He started with a Webley revolver. In the early ‘80’s he had a Walther P38, then a Beretta 92S and lately a Z88. In his time here he has worked Crime Prevention, Charge office and still occasionally drives the patrol van to complaints. The best time of my day is sitting in my office listening to his distinct “Godfather” voice patiently educating someone in the CSC. Either he is chewing out a junior for some infraction or he is sensitising a member of the community as to a law, subsection of a statute or a standing order. I’ve told him I think he likes showing off his knowledge. He grins a wide grin and growls, “Sergeant, you and me, we cut from the same cloth. How many times have you come out of your office to discipline someone here?” I take that as a huge compliment.

Today Warrant Goba lives in Malvern. He is married, has three children and 12 grandchildren. He loves visiting friends or relaxing at home. He likes nature shows on National Geographic and is an avid Pirates supporter. I asked him what he wants to do in his retirement. He said he will move house closer to his family home and begin by making plans. He wants to travel. He often spends holidays at Nature Reserves and intends doing more of that. He will spend time with extended family he hasn’t seen for a while but I get a sense that a lot of time will also be spent in front of his TV with his family around him.

For those of you who know the military, you will understand the prestige, knowledge, experience and discipline that goes with someone who is a senior Sergeant Major. In the Police sense, Warrant Officer Goba is this man. He regrets that he never got promoted to Officer Level and I believe he would have made a fine Officer. But he says he has happily played the cards life has dealt him. He is healthy enough to enjoy a long retirement after a long and dutiful service to South Africa. It is very sad seeing someone like him go. I have known him since I started here at Westville in the ‘90’s and he actually hugged me when I was promoted. There is still so much he could teach the new generation of Police officials but he has done his time. That is now up to me and my generation, but we can still live up to and preach his simple motto: “Discipline, Honesty, Integrity”.

We only have a month and a bit left of Jerome Goba. I’m certainly going to make it worth every minute.

Sgt S D Clark
Westville SAPS

Blocking of Motor Vehicle Remotes 02 August 2013
It has been reported that the use of a blocking device that prevents your own remote from locking your vehicle is back in favour. This has been reported by East Coast Radio as well.

The process is simple. The criminal waits and chooses a victim and when the victim presses his or her remote to lock his or her vehicle the device is activated beforehand and the owners remote is ineffective.

The simple and effective solution is to simply check your vehicle's door(s), at least one of them, to ensure that the car is actually locked.

One serious consequence of your vehicle being left unlocked due to blocking is that the thief is after any assets that are visible or quickly located in the vehicle. Be aware that with the number of fraudulent insurance claims over recent times, insurance companies are unlikely to accept a claim if assets are stolen in this way. The approach to a claim is that if there is no evidence of a forced entry then it was your negligence that allowed the theft to occur.

You did not ensure that the vehicle was locked when you left it. Get into the habit of checking to see if your vehicle is actually locked. Once you have made this a habit it quickly becomes second nature. Trust me I am not a secondhand car salesman. 

Once you practice this simple procedure you will start to notice how many other people simply start walking away and point their hand backwards, somewhat haphazardly, pressing the remote and therefore not knowing if it worked or if it was blocked!

Westville CPF

Tongaat killer arrested: - 23 July 2013
The Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa today commended the police, for their ‘never give up spirit’ in pursuit of a serial rape suspect who has been committing various murder and rape crimes around the Tongaat area, in KwaZulu-Natal. The suspect was arrest in the early hours of this morning.

Over the past few months, there have been five murder cases of women that were investigated, who were all lured by a particular suspect through promising to offer them job opportunities. The victims were then raped and murdered around the bushes in the Tongaat area in KwaZulu-Natal.

As the investigation continued, a girl who was an accomplice to the prime suspect was arrested last month, whilst the prime suspect has been on the run ever since. Between last night and this morning a team of police investigators, assisted by the Crime Intelligence team narrowed down the search to Port Elizabeth, where suspect was arrested at 3am this morning.

“As the police leadership we want to commend our police officers who worked tirelessly over the past months. Their never give up spirit led to this arrest. The arrest further testimony of what we have been emphasizing that, through integrated approach of working together as different units within South African Police Service (SAPS), we shall ensure that those who commit crimes are apprehended. Through specialized investigations police will be able to move beyond arresting such perpetrators but move towards securing harshest sentences.”

The suspect will appear in the Verulam Magistrates court tomorrow.
Submitted by Sgt Steve Clark
Westville SAPS

Westville Murder....solved - 23 July 2013

In 2010, January was a bad month. There had been a spate of house breakings in Westville North where suspects had cut several fences through the New Germany Nature Reserve and used it as there access and egress routes. Eventually W/O Bramley and I had committed to Colonel Singh, the then Station Commander to stop it dead. We started spending nights in the Nature Reserve; camo’d up like SAS snipers, waiting in ambush for the crooks to sneak through. For a few nights it went quiet. The last night we spent out was the evening of the 30th into the 31st. No action. We called it off as the sun crept up, slightly cross that since the spate of burglaries no crooks had used the route again, especially since we were waiting for them.

That morning was about to get worse. At 05:30 a report came in of a house robbery and murder that had taken place at 43 Methven rd, a few kilometres down from where we were hiding. We were devastated since it was apparent to us then that the crooks had switched tactics and now someone was dead. Such is the burden of a policeman.

A neighbour had heard a little girl crying and went to investigate. She told him two men had come into the house, attacked and killed her grandmother, Mrs Ntombizanke Cele. The scene was attended by Westville SAPS and the granddaughter was cared for by social workers who reunited her with other family.

SAPS forensics teams swept the house and property for clues. The lady’s Toyota Yaris had been stolen and its description had been circulated. It was apparent jewellery and other items were also taken. Fingerprints were lifted and Detective Warrant Officer Thulani Dludla, one of Westville’s most experienced detectives was awarded the case.

He began to scour cell phone records and pressed informants for intelligence on who might have committed the crime. They had been angry, not just common robbers. The injuries on Mrs Cele’s body told that in the post mortem. Dave and I felt a bit better. This murder did not fit the pattern of the housebreakings that had been occurring.

Eventually, as a lot of cases go, W/O Dludla and D/Capt Nxumalo got a break. Bits and pieces of the property were recovered and they traced one suspect into Durban CBD and arrested him. Now for number two. This was slightly easier, as it was found he was sitting in Westville Prison awaiting trial for a separate matter entirely. The hard work was beginning. The detective now had to place those two suspects factually on the scene of the crime and work out the motive for the robbery and murder.

Nice things, fingerprints. (and some reliable eye witnesses)

It turned out the suspects had done work for Mrs Cele and allegedly she hadn’t paid. They robbed and killed her out of revenge. All this was presented to court and a lengthy trial ensued.

At the end of it W/O Dludla’s dedication and experience paid off. Both suspects were found guilty of both counts. Both received 15 years imprisonment for Robbery with Aggravating Circumstances and both received life sentences for the murder of Mrs Cele.

It took three and a half years of hard work. But here, justice did prevail.
Submitted by Sgt Steve Clark
Westville SAPS
Drug bust
On Saturday, 13 July 2013 Greytown police members arrested a 45 year-old known as “rasta man” with over a thousand kilograms worth of dagga. The police were alerted by community members that “rasta man” had and was dealing in a large consignment of dagga in Mispah farm, Keats Drift, Greytown. The police pounced on the farm and found “rasta man” in possession of 50 bags of dagga each containing 25 kg of compressed dagga, three bundles of presumed stolen Telkom cables, water pipes and Telkom distribution box.

He appeared in Greytown Magistrates Court on Monday 15 July 2013 on charges of dealing in dagga and possession of suspected stolen property. The accused was released on bail and the case was remanded for further investigation.

Submitted by Sgt Steve Clark
Westville SAPS

On Tuesday, 9 July 2013 the Durban High Court sentenced two house robbers, Mandla Ngcobo and Siyabonga Alfred Gwala to 15 years imprisonment. The third houserobber Jabulani Xaba was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

This follows an incident which occurred on 12 April 20118 in the early hours of the morning in Chapel Road, Botha’s Hill where the complainant was attacked by the three accused whilst sleeping in his room after they forced the kitchen door open. One of the suspects was armed with a knife an the trio threatened to kill him if he raised alarm. The convicted houserobbers tied the victim and ransacked by the house. Various household electrical appliances including 72inch flat screen TV, Microwave, laptop, cellphone and R5500.00 cash were stolen . The accused then took the car keys to a 1400 Nissan Bakkie belonging to the victim and loaded all the stolen property and drove off.

At about 13:00 on the same same day Hillcrest Crime Prevention officers sourced out information on the suspects’ whereabouts in Nyuswa reserve. They immediately proceeded to the area where they noticed the complainant’s bakkie with the three accused who fled into the bushes upon seeing the police van. Durban South K9 officers were activated and the three suspects were tracked, traced and arrested. The property and bakkie stolen during the house robbery was recovered.

The diligent work by all the members involved in the arrest of the accused, the investigation and successful prosecution is commended. Well done colleagues!

Sgt Steve Clark
Westville SAPS

Driver Shot and killed in Westville - 10 May 2013
Early this morning the driver of a car traveling along Harry Gwala Road, Westville was shot and killed by by gunfire that was from a high power automatic rifle. The 40 year old driver, Ntuthuko Mthembu, died instantly. Taxi related violence is not ruled out as a possible motive.
Westville SAPS

What's in a name
Hardly significant as news though some may have noticed the confusing, if not annoying, interchange of acronyms and phraseology used throughout this website and elsewhere.

1. Specifically SAPS and SAPF: In this case there was a formal change to use SAPF rather than SAPS. I have been advised that this has been reversed and over time this correction will take place.

2. The expression "Community Police Forum" was likewise modified to become "Community Policing Forum" and this now has been reversed and corrections are proceeding as and when observed.

3. About 2 years ago the CPF logo included the actual star synonymously recognised as belonging uniquely to the SAPS.  Officially the CPF logo now has the star removed though the central circle remains. There is a "handshake" below  with the text "PARTNERS IN POLICING".  Finally the semicircular text surrounding the upper part of the graphic been adjusted to read"...police forum" rather than "...policing forum".

Andy Tribe

A school boys quick thinking prevented a possible tragedy - 26 02 2013
 A Grade 7 boy from Berea West Senior Primary, Caleb Hardien, did a deed the other day that changed some lives forever. He was by the school pool where other pupils were swimming and noticed a young girl that was swimming with difficulty and was battling to breathe while in the middle of the pool. Caleb immediately dived in and pulled her to the side and safety. She was checked out by a first aider and besides being a bit traumatised, is otherwise well. The other children at the school have also been affected.
When I heard this story I decided that Caleb's actions need to be commended by the SAPS. By us showing to everyone that we have recognised his bravery and dedication to his fellow pupils. So they have understood the impact he made by that split second decision. Accidents happen quickly and it took a quick thinker like Caleb to see that it ended well. The Westville Community Policing Forum agreed and issued a certificate to be awarded to Caleb.

                 In Picture from L to R Principal P. Paillard, Caleb Hardien and Cst. Phillip Easterbrook

Sgt Stephen Clark
SAPS Westville

A drug dealer was arrested in Westville's Berea West area - 22 February 2013
At around 11h00 today members of the Westville Crime Prevention Unit entered the house and conducted a search that led them to the arrest of a 33 year old man.
It is alleged that in the main bedroom a quantity of drugs, pirated DVDs and an unlicensed fire arm was found. According to the police the dagga appears to be cultivated and the combined weight was about 5kg. The officers also found 140 Robypnol tablets during the search. Robypnol is a scheduled drug and is commonly referred to as a date rape drug.

A quantity of other unlabelled pills and tablets were also confiscated. A packet was found in the search that contained several dozen smaller zip lock type bags that are commonly used when selling drugs.

The DVDs and CDs will be examined by a forensic team to establish their authenticity. The firearm with several rounds of ammunition will be forwarded to the SAPS' ballistics division to ascertain if it can be linked to any other crimes. The drugs will also be tested to determine their contents. The detained suspect is expected to be charged and will appear in court soon. The investigation is ongoing and detectives expect to make more arrests.

Sgt. S D Clark
Westville SAPS

 A big hand for the Westville SAPS achievement - 15 February 2013
Today members of Westville Crime Prevention netted their third big arrest in one week. This brings to total 10 suspects behind bars for serious offences in five days.

Today, the members spotted a red Audi A1 at the Caltex service station on Rodger Sishi Road (Blair Atholl) in Westville North. The five (05) suspects were at the ATM and looked extremely nervous when they saw the Police. The suspects returned to the vehicle and attempted to flee but the Police stopped them and searched the car.
On the suspects was found several hundred rand in cash but more importantly four ATM cards from major banks were found in their possession. Detectives at Westville SAPS ran a check on the cards. None of them belonged to any of the suspects and two of the cards were already blocked. The other two are suspected to be stolen.

The suspects have been detained at Westville SAPS and are expected to be charged with ATM fraud and Possession of Stolen Property. Detectives hope to link the suspects to House breakings, house robberies or car-jacking once it is determined who the cards were stolen from and in what manner they were taken. Once this is found out, more charges could be brought against the suspects.

Pictured: Cst Sibonelo Mngoma leads off two of the five suspects.

Well done to the Westville team for another excellent effort.

A big thank you also goes to Westville Locksmiths for their speedy assistance in unlocking the vehicle used by the suspects.

Sgt Stephen Clark
SAPS Westville

Breaking News - Well executed arrest
Today (2013-02-12) at 12:00, Members of SAPS Westville Crime Prevention made a breakthrough arrest. The officials were patrolling the vicinity of Dunkeld rd in Westville North when they spotted a white Toyota Verso with four (04) suspects inside. They followed the vehicle to the M19 freeway and attempted to stop it. After a short pursuit the vehicle halted and the four occupants were removed and searched.

The suspects were found in possession of a CZ 75 pistol with ammunition, a crowbar and a pair of bolt cutters. When the vehicle was checked it was found to be stolen in Hillcrest in January and the Firearm was stolen in Sydenham in October last year. The four were arrested and detained at Westville SAPS, while the Pinetown Cluster Armed Robber Task Team were informed of the case. Lt.Col J. Sikhosana, acting Station Commander of Westville SAPS was extremely pleased with the arrest. He said that this was the breakthrough they had been working towards. He explained that the firearm and suspects matched the description given by several victims of House Robbery in recent weeks. He added that the Pinetown Task Team will seek to link the suspects to other offences in the Cluster, specifically the Highway area.

The suspects will be charged within 48 hours for Unlawful possession of firearm, Unlawful possession of ammunition, Possession of stolen property (Motor vehicle) and possession of housebreaking implements and will then appear in court. The detectives are expected to oppose bail.

S/Cst Wynand Laatz and Cst Ntokozo Khanyile with the vehicle and exhibits recovered.

Sgt Stephen Clark
SAPS Westville
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