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Links to other CPFs and other common interest sites including sites of many who have been guest speakers.


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You are currently at the Westville CPF site. To find one nearest to you click here  

Cluster 20 - Pinetown Cluster consists of 8 Policing Precincts / CPFs 

Director: ?
 1 - Hammersdale CPF
 2 - Hillcrest CPF Hillcrest has a website.
 3 -
Inchanga CPF
 4 - KwaDabeka CPF
 5 - Mpumalanga CPF
 6 - Pinetown CPF Pinetown has a website
      - Kloof CPF - a
Sub Forum of Pinetown Community Police Forum Link updated August 2014
      - New Germany CPF - a Sub Forum of the Pinetown Community Policing Forum Link updated August 2014

 7 - Msunduzi CPF
 8 - Westville CPF
       - Dawncliffe Westville Community Watch
      - Westville CPF Facebook page  - NEW
     - Community Crime Cooperative

Other known KZN CPF websites
- Berea CPF no link found
- Durban North/Umhlanga CPF
no link found
- Umbilo CPF

 Westville NHW (Neighbourhood Watches)
A list and contact details is ongoing click here.  If you wish to have your Group listed please use our "Contact us" form and give us some basic details or contact Sgt. Steve Clark using the same form.

SAPS Website  

- Armed Response Alarm System Companies operating in the Westville area -

Other Related links

Crime Scene Cleanup - A discrete and sensitive service. On 19 February 2013 CSC gave a talk on the service they offer in the Durban area.
The Institute of Security Studies - A very informative site providing info on crime trends as well as general guidelines to minimise risk and provides actual statistics over time for all areas in South Africa with details for every policing precinct i.e. Westville.
Westville Country Club - Needs URGENT updating
Westbeat News Blog - Westville is a new site that has recent news, articles, and comments. It enables the community to have it's say openly and if required anonymously. It is not the official site of the Westville Community Policing Forum.
SA CAN (South Africa Community Action Network) is a patriotic business with attainable vision and strategy for a crime-free, safer South Africa. SA CAN is in part  similar to USA’s 911, offering  products and services bringing hands on safety and service delivery solutions in emergency situations, while empowering the community to  a lifestyle of crime prevention and safety. see brochure...
Business Against Crime South Africa is an excellent site proving useful insight as to what has been achieved in the field of businesses combating crime. There is a lot of useful information for business owners and their staff as well as very appropriate information for individuals who do not have business interests.
Network Configurations have kindly sponsored a laptop computer for our Westville SAPF communications officer, Sgt. Stephen Clark who is also a  hard working CPF committee member, to enable him to continue after his own laptop ceased to respond. Iain Emerson also supplied Steve with some up to date software and significant bandwidth that Steve is extremely grateful to receive. If you have any Computing needs, be it hardware, software, networking or simply personal or corporate advice Give Iain and his team a call or visit the website. ph: (086) 163-8266 Westville (Head Office)
Mobilitate is a relatively new initiative to enable individuals and groups to disseminate information and have a say in motivating issues that need to be resolved. The Westville CPF has initiated a pilot study as a community member and invites anyone with an interest in crime reduction and safety improvement to get involved. Simply visit Mobilitate and browse the Westville Community Policing Forum community entry.
At CrimeAware you can register for free and post incidents of crime you have experienced to be added to database to alert others in your area. Worth a visit clock on logo to see for yourself. 
  The Westbeat website hosting is sponsored by Always Active Technologies who are leaders in Developing smart mobile and web solutions for leading corporates, communities and individuals.
Perimeter Security Perimeter security advanced warning alarm systems. A first line in security system. Identify the threat and act before the villains gain access to your building!
SAPS Official Crime statistics released 22nd of September 2009 for Westville for period March 2003 to April 2009 
The CPF Partnership is a relatively new and very informative site that facilitates the work of all CPFs and educates the public as to the benefits of working with the SAPS via a local CPF.  A MUST VISIT SITE!  LOST CONTACT WITH CPF PARTNERSHIP
SAPS Phone numbers Nationwide from this page click on the province on the map at the top of the page to find a list of all the SAPS stations and their phone numbers in alphabetical order.
Westville Locksmiths ph.  031 266 4285
e: info@westvillelocksmiths.co.za
A/H 082 411 8917
Getsafeonline  This site offers excellent advice on home and business computer security. (Submitted by CPF committee member Malcolm Hawkey).
Naybers  A very important and innovative security service as presented to Westville CPF Meeting on Tuesday 19th May 2009. read more
 CrimeZero A bi-monthly printed journal in colour A4 size distributed at selected outlets in the highway area planning to serve the community. 
Stop Crime...Say Hello  Here is another site worthy of a visit (submitted by Malcolm Hawkey)
East Coast Radio - Crime Watch - An excellent service advising the community of crime alerts and much more.
CPF Toolkit  This link takes you to a 40 page .pdf format document "CPF Toolkit" that gives a good guide to the formation and structure of a Community Police Forum.  (Document size 958Kb)
The Traffic Guy The Traffic Guy, Johann von Bargen, gives talks and runs courses on anti hijacking strategies as well as offering many driving awareness and competency courses.
Smart Trac for people, vehicles and other assets tracking. To find out more contact Jeslin via email:  jeslin@smarttrac.co.za or visit the website: http://www.smarttrac.co.za 
Are you skeptical about signing up for a contract with any service provider? Suggest you do some simple research and be aware of the terms and conditions. The link to Hello Peter provides examples of both good and bad experiences as stated by clients. Try Hello Peter as a start point 
Veridot is a unique way of providing identification of assets similar to DNA. It makes theft less likely and retrieval more likely.  Specifically good to identify stolen cars and virtually any other assets. read more.


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