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Welcome to the website of the Westville Community Police Forum (WCPF)

THE NEXT Westville CPF Public Meeting will be on
Tuesday 21st February 2017 at the Westville Country Club

 18h15 for 18h30

Highly recommended that Westville residents, business owners, their employees and visitors to Westville attend.


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The attendance at the public meetings is growing.
Why?   Simple answer. The working and positive relationship between the Westville SAPS and the community is growing and the registered Neighbourhood Watches (13 ) have 1000+ volunteer patrollers who act as additional eyes and ears of the police. I do not buy into the "I pay taxes that should keep me safe....." One needs to be proactive in a real world by mitigating his/her situation"
The above comment is presented by Andy Tribe and not sanctioned by The Westville CPF.

Please click on the image to the left to follow the growth of this upgraded user friendly, interactive website,  (Work in Progress)
A direct link is http://www.westvillecpf.co.za
Please note there is another, temporary, less cumbersome site at http://wcpf.blogspot.co.za/. This new site provides the basic information most people might prefer! The site mentioned above will soon be the primary source of all WCPF online presence. It links to the basics such as Articles, Editorials etc

If you reside, work, own a business or home, are visiting Westville or just interested in crime prevention you will benefit from attending.

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1. Please try to attend some public meetings or accept that you could be contributing, in part, towards the local crime problem!

2. Report crime and suspicious incidents in Westville to either 10111 or direct to Westville SAPS 031 267 7340. Unreported crime reduces our SAPS numbers!


1. Why do people react to crime only when they become a victim or happen to be close to a tragic event or simply wait till they become a victim? Being proactive by mitigating ones risk profile is not the norm. A reactive response having been a victim is a very dangerous response.

2. Due to the established fact that well planned Neighbourhood Watches (NHW) help reduce crime Westville CPF provides assistance to enable a NHW to be created with a coordinated and efficient format. Contact Sgt. Steve Clark at Westville SAPS during working hours (m: 082 301 4163) to discuss options available.

3. Whilst the new website is being finalised the Westville C P F and some associated Neighbourhood Watches (NHW) have Facebook Pages where news, editorials etc. can be found. .

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"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them." - Mark Twain
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Weekly Stats Report: 30 January 2017  - 05 February 2017
Project: Westville Community Police Forum
URL: http://www.westbeat.org.za

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