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Arrests are a good start.  Convictions are good news.
On this page we celebrate the convictions and other good news.

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DATE : 15 May 2012


On Friday evening, 11 May 2012 at about 22:30, members of the Durban Flying Squad Narcotics Task Team acted on information received and carried out observations along Clark Road in Glenwood. They spotted a vehicle with a single occupant who was behaving suspiciously. They intercepted the vehicle and upon searching it they allegedly found two plastic packets containing powdered cocaine. The suspect was arrested for being in possession of cocaine. Investigations led police to the suspect’s flat in Umbilo where they allegedly found eight more plastic packets of cocaine. The cocaine was seized and the suspect was taken into police custody.

The twenty grams of cocaine seized had a street value of R16 000. The twenty five year old suspect appeared in the Durban Magistrates’ Court yesterday, 14 May 2012.

For more information contact: Colonel Jay Naicker

KwaZulu-Natal: Media Centre
South African Police Service
Corporate Communication


 DATE               :   15 May 2012


Tholumusa Bhunge (18) appeared in the Pongola Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 11 May, where he was convicted and sentenced to eighteen years imprisonment for the rape of an eighteen year old womanwho was asleep at her home in Ncotshane, Pongola. 

Bhunge, armed with a knife, broke the kitchen window and gained entry at approximately 00:20 on 15 June last year. He fled after raping the victim who alerted the neighbours who came to her assistance. Excellent investigations by the Pongola SAPS detectives resulted in Bhunge’s swift arrest and subsequent conviction and imprisonment.

For more information contact: Colonel Jay Naicker

KwaZulu-Natal: Media Centre
South African Police Service
Corporate Communication

Arrest breaks back of crime in Westville - 07 April 2011
Today the Westville Crime Prevention made a breakthrough arrest in crime that has been plaguing the  community around Baden road and Beverly drive in Westville. For several months pedestrians have  been held up by a duo of suspects who rob them of personal property and cash. The Baden road  community recently banded together to put pressure on the Municipality to cut away bush around the  bridge that spans St James avenue where several people had been held up walking to and from work.

This morning Mr Iain Robertson of Beverly Drive was informed by his maid, Silindile that two suspects  had attempted to rob her on the road at about 07h15, but two motorists had come to her aid. The  suspects had fled on foot without being able to steal anything. Mr Robertson called the SAPS and two  vehicles of the Westville SAPS Crime prevention responded immediately. He met them at the scene of  the attempted crime and gave them an excellent description with which to start the manhunt.

A few minutes later, the Policemen had caught two suspects, matching the exact description, trying to  hide in Chesterville . They were arrested and positively identified as the suspects that had tried to 
rob the lady a short while earlier.

At the Westville SAPS Station, detectives went to work immediately trying to link the two to other  incidents in that vicinity. After reading previous complainants' statements, and the descriptions given, 
the detectives were able to match several cases to the duo in custody.

There has been an outcry from several members of the community as to what the Police have been  doing about the spate of robberies that have been worrying pedestrians in the area. It needed to be understood that a breakthrough in the form of a  speedy report, coupled with accurate description and speedy response was needed to solve the crime.
With this excellent effort, the fourth arrest for the SAPS team in 3 days, the Police in Westville are  confident in closing a chapter of crime in the area.

Cst S.D. Clark
SAPS Westville
Social Crime Prevention

GOOD NEWS 28 January 2011
Late in the morning of 28 January members of Westville SAPF on a routine patrol in Westville North noticed a vehicle with three occupants that aroused suspicion and chose to follow it at a discrete distance. Occupants of the vehicle seemed to notice that the following car had uniformed police inside and started to shoot at the police. The police returned fire and the suspicious vehicle crashed into a tree in Blair Atholl Road (see image). The suspects got out, ran to an unsuspecting driver of a small car and hijacked it. Two of the suspects had been wounded by return fire from the police. In the newly hijacked vehicle the suspects proceeded back along Blair Atholl Road and down the M19. The police arranged an intercept point in Umgeni Road and the suspects, having spotted the reception party, left the hijacked vehicle and ran into the bush. The combined effort of the SAPF and Metro Police Dog Squads plus the SAPF Air Wing enabled the speedy apprehension of all three suspects; one of whom died at the scene. All those concerned in the successful conclusion of this incident must be credited for a well-coordinated and cooperative effort that hopefully will convey the message that such criminal behavior will not be tolerated. Two AK47 assault rifles and at least two handguns plus other goods were retrieved at the crash site. 

Const S D Clark and A Tribe

Received 7th October 2010
Task Team Speedy Arrest
Pinetown Cluster Task Team members, Cst Andre Swanepoel (Pinetown)(Left in picture), W/O David Bramley(Right in picture) (Westville) with  guns and property recovered upon arrest of alleged housebreaker found attempting to escape along Spine Road. The incident happened at 13h30 today. Arrest was made within 15 minutes of the offence. Excellent work!

Cst S.D Clark
SAPS Westville
Communications Officer,

Received 4th June 2010
Crime Prevention strikes again!
Last night Crime Prevention led by Capt Botha arrested a gang of four who seconds earlier  attempted a carjacking. One gun, knives and the crooks car was recovered. The four are pending charging and court appearances. As per usual, bail will be strongly opposed.


Received 3rd June 2010
After a 5 year hunt for a suspect, Westville SAPS got their arrest.

A case of Theft under False Pretences was opened in 2005 to the value of R25000. The suspect was known to the  police but fled from place to place and even overseas for some time. This week, Detective Constable G. Thiessen  arrested the female suspect at her place of work in Ballito. She was charged and appeared in court. The investigation  and subsequent trial is continuing.

The LONG arm of the law!


Received 24th February 2010
Yesterday(23rd) at about 9:15, two Sydenham members, Inspector Sanjay Sheosunker and Student Constable Eriksen Jackson were driving on the M13 through Westville. They had just dropped off prisoners at Pinetown Court. Under the Attercliffe bridge, they were flagged down by a lady who had just had her bag snatched. Jackson immediately jumped out the van and took a run to catch up to the crooks while Insp Sheosunker drove to the next off-ramp to back him up. Cst Jackson caught and arrested one of the suspects and recovered the bag with all its contents intact.
The suspect was detained at Westville SAPS and the bag returned to the very grateful young woman.
Very well done for their top notch timing and dedication to the community as a whole.
A letter of thanks was forwarded to S/Supt L.J. Matthysen, Sydenham SAPS Station Commissioner, so that he could properly congratulate his members for the good work.

S/Cst Jackson pictured..

Steve Clark
Received 3rd July 2009
Asset recovery and arrest

Detective Inspector Sean Lessing of Westville SAPS is one of the dedicated and tireless investigators who, with his detective team at Westville, have been credited with many high profile arrests and convictions. This week, one of his numerous informers approached him with a lead to arrest a gang of housebreakers that had been plaguing the Westville area.

In the early morning of Friday 3rd July he assembled his investigation team and along with a pair of members from the Provincial Task Team and an Inspector from Crime Intelligence, surrounded three shacks in 33rd Ave Cleremont, pointed out by the informant. They simultaneously breached and entered the dwellings. 

During the effecting of the arrest, one of the suspects attempted to relieve a detective of his firearm. In the struggle to retain his weapon, a shot was discharged that fatally wounded the suspect.
Two computer towers, two computer monitors, a Logic 54cm TV, and a DVD player were recovered, all positively stolen property.
One suspect was arrested and will be charged and is due to appear in Pinetown court on Monday.
The investigation is ongoing as further information comes to light.

The SAPS members credited with the success are D/Insp Sean Lessing, D/Insp Dumi Sithole, D/Sgt Ben Ncobeni, D/Cst Morgan Govender, D/Cst Noel Pillay all of Westville SAPS and Inspectors Jerry Abraham and David Bramley of the SAPS Provincial Task Team.  
In the photo from L to R we have D/Sgt Noel Pillay, Inspector David Bramley and D/ISgt Ben Ncobeni. Others in the team were not available for the photograph. 


Received 23th June 2009
Arrests of suspects in the murder of ex-policeman Michael Johnson.
D/Insp S. Sunder of SAPS Westville Detective branch is currently working in the Provincial Task Team covering House Robberies. He has made several high profile arrests lately including the arrest of suspects for the murder of ex-policeman Michael Johnson.

There are several Provincial Task Teams that are currently running, combating crime. A few Westville SAPS have been seconded to these units and they have been extremely successful in making arrests and bringing criminals to book. 

One such member is Detective Inspector S Sunder (see picture), who is currently working in the Cluster House Robbery Task Team. These investigators take house robbery dockets and pool their experience and investigative skill in tracking down suspects. House robbers do not attack homes in just one area, so these detectives can trace suspects that are linked to offences in several policing areas at once. 

The home of prominent SABC news producer Ashok Ramsaroop was recently the victim of crime when an elderly grandmother and a maid were held up. Detective Captain Ramdhew and D/Insp Sunder took the case. Fingerprints left at the scene were linked to other cases of house robbery in Pinetown and matched three known suspects. These three men were promptly arrested by Captain Ramdhew and Inspector Sunder and are currently appearing in court. 

Last week there was the shock attack and murder of ex-policeman Michael Johnson in the Mayville area. Again, Westville’s Inspector Sunder was put on the case. Sunder, along with Detective Inspectors Mbambo, Zulu, Mbaso and Constable Nguni made an arrest less than 24 hours later. Two Mozambican nationals are being held and are appearing in court charged for the murder of Michael and the stabbing of his father. 

Excellent work done by one of Westville’s own. Insp Sunder, we are proud of you. 
Cst S.D Clark,
SAPS Westville, Communications Officer, Westville SAPS.

Received 17th June 2009
Cell phone robbery, arrest and conviction
On a Wednesday morning in February this year, a woman was held up at knife point at the Pavilion Shopping Centre and robbed of her cell phone. At the time of the offence, the cool headed woman took careful note of various features of the suspect and filed them away in her memory.
The criminal clearly did not have the same brain capacity as he promptly sold the stolen phone, changed clothes (except his shoes) and returned for another bash.
Unfortunately for him, the same victim spotted him and recognised his shoes and face and spoke to two of the Centre Security guards who grabbed him and summoned the SAPS. 
Inspector Pam Singh of Westville SAPS arrived shortly after and placed the 19 year old suspect under arrest. Detective Inspector (now Captain) Dlamini took the case, conducted the preliminary investigation and formally charged the accused.
It was then up to Detective Sergeant Ben Ngobeni to successfully present the case to court and prosecute the offender. It came to light that the accused had orked as a trolley porter at the same shopping centre and had decided to commit the crime to fund his dagga habit. 
The criminal was tried before the Pinetown Regional court and after several appearances; the overwhelming evidence led by Sgt Ngobeni compelled him to plead guilty to the offence.
The magistrate handed down a five year sentence. 
Well done to the complainant for her alertness and well done to Sergeant Ngobeni for the successful prosecution.
Received 10th June 2009
Some people just don’t learn from other’s mistakes.
A man visiting his mate locked up in Westville Prison was arrested when guards searched his gifts of food and found Mandrax as well. D/Insp Lenisha Madhan of Westville SAPS took the pretty much open and shut case and successfully prosecuted the accused.
His case was heard at Pinetown Magistrates court, he was promptly found guilty and sentenced to three months at…. Westville Prison. Now he can visit his mate any time he pleases. 
Well done to the sharp guard, Mr Mjawara, for spotting the parcel and well done to Insp Madhan for processing the docket so efficiently.

Inspector Shaun Murray emigrates.
The Westville area suffered the loss of Metro dog handler, Inspector Shaun Murray as he emigrated to New Zealand. Before he left though, he did more than a fair share of arresting crooks in our area. The Westville SAPS and the Metro dog unit work extremely well together and their combined service put many criminals behind bars.

In October 2008, Insp Murray and his long time work partner Cst Lee were patrolling Westville at around 2:30 am, lending support to the SAPS vehicles as they knew there had been a spate of housebreakings in the Dawncliffe area. As The two Metro officers came to the intersection of Landsdowne and Queen Elizabeth drive, they noticed a suspect attempting to conceal himself in the shadows. Murray got out of his vehicle and approached the man, who dropped a black bag and ran. Insp Murray, being a fit individual, gave chase and caught him. The bag contained  a laptop computer and other items that were subsequently linked to a housebreaking that had just been committed.

The case docket was investigated by D/Cst Thiessen at Westville SAPS and the trial was then held at Pinetown court. The accused was found guilty and sentenced to three years imprisonment. 
Well done and thank you to Metro police and well done to Cst Thiessen for securing the conviction.
Received 8th June 2009
Smash and Grab arrests
The recent spate of common robberies and smash and grabs on Spine Rd in Westville has had the community up in arms and the SAPS working hard to bringing them to an end. Recently SAPS Westville Communications was approached by the Highway Mail to respond to numerous concerns from community members about the crime level in that area.

Last Friday, Cst Morris and Cst Johnson of Westville SAPS arrived at the Community Service Centre and interviewed a woman who had just been robbed of her belongings on Spine rd. They pressed her for a description of the suspects and remembered seeing persons matching that
among the several pedestrians that frequent St James rd and Spine rd.  They sped to the scene and relocated the suspects. A chase ensued but the suspects managed to escape into the dense shacks and houses in Chesterville. The Policemen however were sure that the crooks would return soon.

A week later, Friday 5 June, Cst Morris and Cst Tobokgale were patrolling the same area around the time that the robberies occur.
They spotted a group and recognised one of the young men from the previous week. All four suspects were promptly arrested and detained.
The ringleader was positively identified by the previous victim and detectives are working to link  all four to the numerous crimes in the vicinity.
Big well done to all three Constables for their hard work and dedication to Westville.

It is important for the community to know that even if the SAPS are not continually reporting their actions, it does not mean that dedicated work is not being done by hard working members.

Cst SD Clark
SAPS Westville
Received 20th May 2009
Rape Case
A short time ago the tragic hijacking, kidnapping and rape of two young women in Westville shook us all like an earthquake. It was however amazing to see that a group of skilled detectives from Westville SAPS in conjunction with an Organised Crime task team worked around the clock to trace, arrest and convict the persons involved in the matter. 
Too often there are murmurs about dockets that are opened with Police that “go nowhere”. This was one that was definitely not the case. The community gathered round in support for the family involved while the investigators worked around the clock to bring the criminals to justice. 
Detective Captain Eva of Organised crime, D/Capt (f) Meyer, D/Insp Magwaza and D/Insp Lessing all of SAPS Westville have been officially recognised and decorated for their outstanding work by the National Office. 
Nothing can take the trauma away from the victims, but these member’s dedication and tireless efforts are a shining symbol of what the SAPS are capable of and they deserve the recognition they received.
Sirs and lady, we salute you all
Received 14th May 2009
Hijacking Westville North - Arrest and conviction
In October 2008, a Westville North resident opened a case of hijacking with the SAPS. Detective Constable Govender received the docket and began investigating the case. The vehicle was recovered within half an hour the vehicle was recovered as it had tracker in it. The detective received information and arrested two suspects. They were interrogated and a third suspect was traced and arrested. All three were charged for the offence. Cell phones were also recovered which linked the suspects to the matter. Eight months later, after nearly ten appearances at Pinetown Court, the magistrate has found one accused guilty and he has been sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Cases against the other two are still proceeding and the prosecutors as well as D/Cst Govender are confident that they too will be found guilty. A sentence of at least five years each is expected.

Received 8th April 2009
Credit Card cloning arrests
(Article supplied by Durban North/Umhlanga CPF)
Hi All
Please take note of the following info and spread to your e-mail databases.  The use of card skimmers and cloning devices has dramatically increased lately.  The devices are mainly employed by organised criminal syndicates and are rarely used by individual criminals working on their own.  These incidents can only start growing in the run up to the soccer world cup.  Please note that the new generation of card skimmers / cloners are actually smaller than the card itself, making it very easy for the suspect to swipe your card while you are distracted by signing the authorisation slip. It only takes a fraction of a second to do and your card has been cloned. Please pay very careful attention to where your card is at all times!! 
Once your card has legitimately been swiped by the cashier, immediately take your card back into your possession. There is no actual need for the cashier to keep hold of it, other than to verify the signature (which most don’t actually bother to do).  If the cashier does actually request to see the signature, then you can show him/her the signature strip.  At least the card will now be under your control and this will cut down the chances of a criminal distracting you and skimming the card. If you are at a restaurant, always request for a table top portable pay point to be brought to your table and if they don’t have this facility, then ALWAYS follow the waitron to the actual pay point.  Do not trust anybody; it may end up costing you, literally! Waitresses caught skimming
25/03/2009 20:16  - (SA)  

A policeman shows off a skimming device that police confiscated when they arrested four waitresses at Cape Town International Airport. (Sapa) 
Cape Town - Five people, four of them waitresses at a Cape Town International Airport restaurant, have been arrested following a tip-off about credit card skimming, police said on Wednesday.National spokesperson Captain Dennis Adriao said the four, aged from 28 to 33, were arrested at a Spur outlet at the airport on Friday evening and had already appeared in court.
The arrest, by the commercial crimes unit and airport police, followed a tip-off from Absa's fraud unit.
Police found a "state-of-the-art" skimming device on one of the women.
They had been able to link it to fraudulent withdrawals from four patrons' accounts totalling about R40 000.However it was likely that more people would come forward when they realised they had been fleeced, Adriao said.
Those arrests were followed by that of a fifth person, a waiter at an upmarket Sea Point restaurant, over the weekend. The arrest was linked to the same device, he said.
The waitresses were from Gugulethu and Nyanga on the Cape Flats, while the man from Philippi.
Adriao said it was too early in the investigation to say whether they were working for a larger syndicate, or operating merely as a group.
He warned people never to let their credit cards out of their sight, and to be "extra cautious" about who they handed them to.
He said the skimming device confiscated from the waitresses could hold the details of up to 500 cards.
It could be used to not only read cards, but clone them as well.
Possession of the device was in itself illegal, he said.

Haden Searles
Chairperson - Dbn North & Umhlanga CPF (Sectors 1-7)

Received 9th March 2009
Theft Syndicate
The back of a theft syndicate was broken with a neat snap this last week with an arrest that netted four key players.
Inspector David Bramley of Westville SAPS is familiar to many of the residents of our area, and is currently detached to a Provincial level task team. He was presented with an opportunity by a Private Investigator who is an ex-policeman who explained the case they were investigating.
In a nut shell, delivery trucks to chain clothing stores were “losing” cargo somewhere before their destination and the P.I.’s had been tracking a particular driver and crew. On the day, the PI told Insp Bramley that he had reliable information where and when a delivery truck would be intercepted. Sure enough, it was in a shopping centre parking lot in Westville. Another marked Police vehicle accompanied Insp Bramley’s and parked waiting for the action. The Private Investigators sat in an unmarked car and would video the transaction taking place.
Sure enough, the truck arrived and right behind it, another car. While one of the truck crew did the genuine delivery, the other two started loading boxes of that were destined for a clothes store into the boot and back seat of the car. To illustrate how brazen the criminals were, this was done in full view of the two marked SAPS cars but they clearly did not believe they were being watched, let alone filmed.
As the truck and car doors closed the attack signal was given and the Police vehicles sprinted the hundred or so metres to the truck. The four suspects eyes widened and their hands shot up in surrender. All four were arrested and the stolen boxes entered as exhibits. The driver of the car, suspected to be the ringleader claimed to be unemployed but pockets turned out with hundreds of Rands in cash.
The filmed footage was turned over to SAPS detectives and investigations are ongoing. To give an idea as to how much was being lost, this particular transaction had a value of over R9000. This is just on one truck on one delivery out of a fleet doing several deliveries a day!

Received 9th March 2009
Conviction for fraud - Pavilion
On 19 October 2008 a case of fraud was opened at Edgars Pavilion. The suspect approached Miss Hlope, a teller at Edgars and proceeded to pay for items she wished to buy. During the transaction she wanted to also buy airtime. Miss Hlope asked the suspect for identity but she claimed she had none. She did however provide an ID number off a cell phone which matched the name on the system. Miss Hlope then made an excuse to see her manager about the airtime and went instead to account enquiries and checked the details. It was discovered that there were suspicions of fraudulent activity on that account.
The cashier alerted the shop security who detained the suspect woman until the SAPS arrived. A docket of fraud was opened and the woman arrested. Detective Inspector TL Dludla began the investigation. He traced the actual owner of the account and found her to still be in possession of her card. He deduced that the card used by the suspect was in fact a CLONE and she was charged accordingly. After several remands, the accused finally appeared before the magistrate at Pinetown "C" court in January and after testimony from Miss Hlope and D/Insp Dludla, was found guilty of Fraud. She received a sentence of four months imprisonment.
Good work by D/Insp Dludla for investigating and prosecuting the case and excellent work and diligence by Miss Hlope of Edgars to spot the fraud and make the effort of confirming her suspicions. This goes to show how members of the community, who work in our area are dedicated to fight crime and take a zero tolerance approach for fraudsters.

Received 10th February 2009
Hijacking - Methven Road
At 20:15 on Monday 9 February a Westville family was hijacked in their driveway  on Methven Road. As the husband, wife and young son got out of their VW Jetta, they found themselves surrounded by suspects all armed with pistols. They ordered the adults to take off their jewelery and then one suspect took the car keys and reversed the Jetta out of the driveway. One of the victims noticed the suspects had come in a white VW Polo and that it had a “GP” registration number. The Westville SAPS responded promptly and the description of the suspects’ vehicle as well as that of the suspects was circulated on the Police radio. The victim’s car had Tracker and I was recovered within a short time later.

At approximately 23:30 the same evening, Insp Kruger of SAPS Westville and Sgt Rodriguez of the Durban South Dog unit were patrolling together and were aware of the earlier incident. They passed a VW Polo matching the same description and when the occupants saw the Police vehicle, sped away. A chase ensued into Kloof where the suspect vehicle lost control, crashed and the occupants started running away, firing shots at the Police members. The two SAPS officials returned fire and one suspect was shot in the leg, arrested and a Glock semi automatic pistol and ammunition found in his possession. The other two suspects managed to escape into the darkness but investigations are ongoing and further arrests are expected.
Excellent work all round by the SAPS especially Westville officials.

Received 2nd February 2009
Successful Sentencing
Often, when a conviction for a crime is reported, the sentence seems not very severe. That, is not always the point. The point, is a successful conviction was made, and it encourages the people on the ground to keep making the arrests and stop crime occurring. 

Back in May 2008, when Westwood mall was still a building site, there were several accounts and cases opened when tools and materials were found to be missing, presumed stolen.
One particular afternoon, a Security officer, Mr Sanele Mahahla of Hamas Security Company was on duty at the site office. He began conducting searches of workers who were leaving work. In one individual’s bag, he found several items including door locks, keys and handles. He detained the man immediately and called the Westville SAPS.

Detective Constable Govender took the case over and presented the straight facts before “E” court in Pinetown. The magistrate found the accused guilty and handed down a sentence of R1000 fine or 6 months imprisonment. Again, it may seem like a small sentence for a petty crime, but the value of following the procedure to the end, gives recognition to the people who stay dedicated and get the job done.

Received 30th January 2009
Fraud Conviction
Detective Sergeant Ben Ncobeni The crime of Fraud is notoriously difficult to prosecute and secure a conviction. The interpretation of all the bank transactions and mounds of statements and receipts takes some skill. Nevertheless, Detective Sergeant Ben Ncobeni of SAPS Westville secured such a conviction recently.
The Fraudulent transaction took place at Baby City in September last year. Sgt Ncobeni attributes the success to firstly to the cashier, Miss Gordon who noticed the suspicious person and credit card and had the presence of mind to raise the alarm. Miss Gordon recognised the card and realised that it was not the same person who was using it. When the suspect tried to leave the store, Miss Gordon and the security official, Ms Geroud gave chase and alerted Pavilion Security who detained the suspect, a 29 year old female. 
Sgt Ncobeni subpoenaed all records relating to the credit card and found that it had been reported stolen from a Mrs Xulu two days before the arrest. Further, dedication to the judicial process was displayed by all the witnesses testifying at Pinetown Court and the Accused was found guilty on 23rd of January 2009. The Magistrate gave a sentence of two years imprisonment. Good work and dedication shown by both the Community and the SAPS.

Received 28th January 2009
On Tuesday 13/01/2009 the arrest of three suspects was made by the Westville Crime Prevention for armed robbery on the N3. Capt Maharaj, Cst Khati and Cst Dube were patrolling the N3 when they were flagged down by a member of the community. He told the Policemen that he had been robbed at gunpoint only five minutes earlier and he gave a very detailed description of the suspects. This was extremely helpful as the policemen managed to spot the same described men walking towards the Chesterville cemetery. Csts Khati and Dube hid in some bush on the escape route and the suspects walked into the ambush and surrendered.
A toy firearm closely resembling a real firearm as well as two knives and stolen property was recovered in possession of the suspects.

On Friday 23 January 2009, a breakthrough was made in combating robberies that are occurring in the Westville area. Insp Pillay, Cst Dube and Cst Khati were patrolling on St James Ave at approximately 10h00 where previous robberies had been committed.
They spotted two suspects, one wearing an orange overall, the other wearing a blue overall sitting on the stairs that run from St James road up to the Baden rd bridge. The Police car turned around and returned to the vicinity and saw that the suspects had fled. The two Constables ran up the stairs and spotted the same two suspects fleeing over the bridge and down Baden Rd.
After a lengthy foot chase, the suspects were trapped and arrested in possession of a knife with a 20 cm blade and metal toy firearm that very closely resembles the Z88 pistol carried by the SAPS. Further, a cell phone was recovered that was linked to a robbery that had occurred the very same morning. The Suspects are further linked to other cases of robbery in the area.
Fantastic work by the Crime Prevention of Westville SAPS.

Received 27th October 2008
In June 2006 a young woman was sitting with her boyfriend in his car in Westville. They were suddenly hijacked by four men driving in a Toyota Cressida. The pair was taken with the boyfriend’s car to Kwa Mashu. En route, the boyfriend began struggling with the suspects in the back seat and was shot twice in the abdomen.

The criminals then debated killing him outright or dumping him. Luckily they chose the latter and he was thrown out the car.

The party eventually stopped in Kwa Mashu and the young woman was taken into some bush and raped by two of the suspects over the period of an hour.

She was then walked to the side of the road and the arrogance of the suspects was demonstrated when they told her that “Today was not your lucky day.” She was then actually given money to catch a bus home. She, however managed to flag down a passing car, and the elderly Good Samaritan took her to the police station in Kwa Mashu where she opened a case. She was taken to the district surgeon, who collected DNA samples from her.

Luckily, it was found out later that her boyfriend had survived the ordeal and was being treated in hospital.

Detective Inspector Sean Lessing at Westville SAPS received the case and one of the first things he did was ensure the DNA samples from the victim were sent to the Legal Laboratory in Pretoria for analysis and future comparison. He then interviewed the young woman. She told him that she recognised one of the suspects and knew he went by a nickname she knew.

Three days later Insp Lessing received information where he could be found, and his Informant led Insp Lessing and a team of detectives to a house in Kwa Mashu. There they found the same individual, who decided to be a born again good citizen and lead them to a second suspect. This one split on the third that allegedly had the firearm that was used. The same night, the third and fourth suspects were arrested and the firearm as well as several articles stolen from the couple was recovered.

All four were positively identified by the victims and the two rapists’ blood was sent for comparison. The result was positive and the case was secure.

Several court appearances later, the guilty verdict was handed down in September this year. Accused 1 and 3 received an effective twenty years imprisonment, while accused 2 and 4, an effective thirty years behind bars.

Fantastic work done by the investigation team all round shows that the long arm of the law can stretch years but diligent work will result in success.  
(Westville case no: 60/6/2006)  

Housebreaking and Theft Conviction
On 1st September 2007, at approximately 12h50, Captain Nzuza of the Metro Police was patrolling Westville. As he passed the Austrian Inn on Jan Hofmeyer road, he noticed two suspects breaking in to the premises. They had pulled out an air conditioning unit and had made entry through the hole. Capt Nzuza called for backup and Constables Mlambo and Lushaba from SAPS Westville arrived and assisted him in the arrest of both suspects. Both men were charged and D/Inspector Duma persevered with the investigation. It was found by fingerprint analysis that one of the accused has convictions ranging from theft to housebreaking from as far back as 1981 and had served two sentences of five years each, previously. 
The accused appeared before a magistrate at “C” court in Pinetown. Capt Nzuza led evidence and secured the guilty verdict and sentencing of both criminals.
(Westville Case number 69/09/2007)

Possession of Housebreaking Implements Conviction
On 15 December 2007, Capt Maharaj and Constables Duma and Mkhize were performing Crime Prevention duties in Westville North on Normandy road. They came upon two suspects walking towards Ruthsleigh road and decided to stop and search them. A good proportion of successes are achieved by doing this routine exercise. One suspect was found in possession of a 40cm long green crowbar and the other had gloves, pepper spray and a long screwdriver in his pockets.
It is well known that criminals use crowbars to force open doors and security gates, and as pepper spray is readily available over the counter, it is used to deter guard dogs. The Criminal Procedure Act provides for Police arresting suspects for possession of housebreaking implements, thus as the two suspects did not have a coherent or satisfactory explanation as to why they had these items with them, they were arrested, charged and D/Inspector Dludla took over the investigation. The two accused went before the Pinetown “C” court magistrate and were duly found guilty and sentenced to six months imprisonment apiece.
(Westville Case number135/12/2007)

Received 7th October 2008

On 23rd September 2008 four men were found guilty and sentenced on Westville CAS 60/06/2006. The Charges were as follows: Armed Robbery (Carjacking); Attempted Murder; Rape; Possession of Unlicenced Firearm and Ammunition.

On the 8th June 2006 the two victims were Hijacked in Bristol Road in Westville. The one victim was shot in the abdominal area and dropped off on the N2 near Kwa Mashu. The other victim was taken to Kwa Mashu where she was raped by two of the accused.

All four accused were arrested less than a week after the incident. Accused (1) was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment; Accused (2) was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment; Accused (3) was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and Accused (4) was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment in the Durban High Court.

The Investigating Officers Detective Inspector S. Lessing and Detective Inspector T.L. Dludla from Westville Detective Services worked tiressly not only to arrest the Accused but the Prosecute and follow the trial for more than two years.

Due to quick response and excellent investigation these Accused received a sentence fit for the Crime that they had committed.

A special Thanks goes out to Senior State Advocate Mrs Vahed for the dedication and determination on Prosecuting this case.

Housebreaking :- Langford Crescent, Westville on 8th June 2006. The accused was found guilty and sentenced to three (3) years imprisonment. Jewellery and cell phones were taken during the Housebreaking. The Investigating Officer in the case is Detective Inspector J.J. Duma.

Drunken Driving :- The accused was found guilty for Drunken Driving and sentenced to pay a fine of R24 000-00 or 48 months imprisonment and to undergo rehabilitation therapy. The Investigating Officer in the case is Detective Inspector J.J. Duma.

Dumbarton Avenue on the 30th September 2008
- At 19h20 the complainant was parked outside her yard in her Black VW Golf with her brother, waiting for the electronic gates to open when they were approached by two unknown black males who were armed with Firearms. The suspects instructed the victims to climb out of their motor at gun point. The suspects then demanded cell phones and cash. The suspects drove off in the complainants vehicle in an unknown direction, followed by a third suspect driving a Blue Toyota Yaris with unknown registration number. Cash and Cell phones were also taken. The vehicle was recovered in Newlands West.

Ashwin Avenue on the 3rd October 2008 - At 19h45 the complainant parked his vehicle a Toyota Corolla Verso in his driveway and was busy off loading goods when he noticed a Blue Sedan parked in his driveway with three unknown black male occupants. Two suspects alighted from the motor vehicle and approached the complainant. The one suspect pointed a firearm at the complainant and ordered him to keep quiet, whilst the other suspect demanded the complainants vehicle keys. The complainant was ordered to start his vehicle whilst at gun point. The suspects then fled in the complainants vehicle. Cash and a cell phone were also taken.

Hints and tips:-
* Limit your trips at night or at least take someone along with you. 
* Vary the route you travel to work and back, if this is possible. 
* If approached by a stranger while in your car, drive off if possible or press your hooter to attract attention. 
* If strangers loiter near or at your driveway, rather drive past. If they loiter for a long time, report it to your nearest police station. 
* Carjackers may stage a minor accident so they can approach your car. 
* If your car is bumped from behind and you do not feel comfortable with the individual(s) involved in the situation, drive to the nearest police station for help. 
* Do not reach for your purse or valuables. Leave everything behind if forced from the car. 
* Your life is more valuable than your possessions. 
* Do not resist, especially if the thief has a weapon. 
* Give up your vehicle with no questions asked and move away. 
* A lift club limits the risk of becoming a victim of crime. 
* If possible, put up a mirror against the front wall of your garage to see if someone is following you into the garage. 
* Do not open your garage doors before your gates are closed. 
* Keep the doors locked and windows closed at all times. 

Received September 2008



On the 24th July 2007 an elderly male 67 years of age was murdered at his residence and robbed of his property. The neighbour heard a noise and immediately pressed his panic button which was linked to Chubb Security. Chubb Security responded swiftly and apprehended two suspects in the vicinity of the Crime Scene. The two suspects were arrested and detained at the Westville Police Station.

The case docket was assigned to Insp. Dlamini from the Westville Detective Services for investigation. Capt. B.H. Mwelase the Branch Commander of Westville Detective Services together with the investigating Officer Insp. S.P. Dlamini utilised expert aids during the Crime Scene Management such as Forensic Aids and Sniffer Dogs to gather crucial evidence. 

On the first appearance the accused were willing to plea guilty on a charge of Culpable Homicide in which they would receive a lighter sentence than that of Murder, however the Prosecuting Authority together with the Westville SAPS decided to pursue the charges of Murder and Robbery Aggravating Circumstances.

The State was confident with the gathered evidence against the accused that they would be able to secure a guilty verdict of Murder and Robbery. 

On 7th July 2008 the two accused appeared in High Court, evidence was led and the accused were found guilty. The accused respectively were found guilty for Murder twenty five years and Robbery fifteen years and would thus serve a forty year jail sentence.

Management of the SAPS together with the Westville Community Police Forum would like to commend Detective Captain B.H. Mwelase, Detective Inspector S.P. Dlamini, the Prosecutor and members of Chubb for their commitment. -
August 2008

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