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A list of articles of interest to security and safety conscious readers. These articles may include selected notes from monthly CPF Meetings and articles from CPF meeting speakers.

Articles in general do not date and are worth reading at least once.

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General Articles

1. A basic check list to enable you to make an initial assessment of your current level of security
Hijacker Talks - 14 Nov 2006
3. Good Cop
  4. Drugs and schools
  5. Change of Policy for CPF - Previously "This and That, July 2007"
  6. Drugs will make you sick! - Previously "This and That, June 2007"
  7. Hints for Parents - From the archives but forever appropriate.
  8. Another look at house numbers - An article submitted by an active and enthusiastic Westville SAPS member.
  9. My first day out of Police College - An interesting induction to a real world.
10. Cops can also be human!
11. Get to know your Westville SAPS Members -
Constable N.L Hembert

12. Police Laws and Powers - The Laws and powers of the SAPS are explained here.
13. Understanding and how to use the Emergency Number 10111 and others!
14. Email Petitions - be warned about these emotional issues.
15. A household security check list as provided by the Victoria Police in Australia
16. Cell phones and multitasking! - Scary stuff!
17. Scams - An extract from the Australian SCAMwatch website that has relevance to the South African and other communities.  
18. GPS and Mobile phone scam - how bad can it get.
19. Internet Fraud - Be aware and learn to recognise potential threats.
20. Debit orders - Are you aware of how they work and the potential pitfalls that can and do occur.
21. Convicted burglars talk - Useful inside info emerges.
22. SAPS anti High jacking tips - Be proactive and if a victim valuable tips are given. Your life is worth more than your car.
Five Myths About Community Policing - Correcting significant negative beliefs about Community Policing
24. Cybercrime - How to prevent keystroke logging software from stealing your passwords and other confidential data that you type into access your bank or when filling in forms.
25. Bullies and how to deal with them - by Stephen Clark
26  Drugs - by Stephen Clark
27. Cybercrime - Courtesy of Norton Internet Security a sample of a vast source of material on Internet risk that you need to be aware of and if active on the Internet use adequate protection.
28. Fraudulent Banking Email - This phishing looks so much like it is authentic. Please have a look.
Partnership in Crime Fighting - This is a home truth, bring you to your senses article.
30. An article on gated communities - compiled by Stephen Clark
31. Identity Theft Prevention extract from Victoria NHW 
32. Unconfirmed Rumours irresponsible forwarding of unconfirmed rumours.

Interesting discussion on so called false alarms
Guard Huts  - Pros and cons as part of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) initiatives
35. Get to know the Justice System by Sgt S D Clark
36. Shedding Some Light 0n Domestic Security Lighting 
38. Protection of Information by Sgt. S D Clark
37. Missing - probably no longer relevant.
39. New and old street names for Durban - Find new  or old if you know the other.
40. Crime Definitions/categories are very important when reporting a crime
41. In this month of remembrance by Sgt S D Clark
42. Danger! - Digital life after death          
ref: http://www.scambusters.org/afterdeath.html

43. Effective NHW roll-out in Westville 19 April 2016
44. The Ten Commandments of House Robbery 16 May 2016
45. NHW Patroller training and guidelines - 20 May 2016
46. Minsters Fraternal Breakfast - 28 July 2016
47. Post Traumatic Stress Relief - 28 July 2016
48. Humorous - 28 July 2016
49. Reality Check - 28 July 2016
50. Search and Rescue - 28 July 2016
51 Sector Policing and NHW - 23 01 2017
How did a young African girl upgrade the health of a very sick country (video) - 24 Feb 2017



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