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Article028 Fraudulent Banking Email
Article presented to users of Norton Internet Security software - February 2011

Westville CPF does not claim to be a single source of information on exposing cybercrime and supplier of solutions.  If informative news comes our way we will try to publicise the information.

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Quite often people get bank related emails that seem to be authentic as the logos, web addresses and email return addresses seem authentic.

Some of the things you must take note of:
1. If you don't bank with the bank supposedly sending the email and they seek any personal info it is likely to be a scam.
2. If there is any request for a PIN then it is a scam. No bank has access to your PIN and if you lose it you must request a replacement that will only be given once the bank is sure that you are the rightful owner of the relevant account.
3. If you do internet banking you should ensure that the address you are working with starts with https://............  If the s is not there you are at risk.
4. You should make the effort to visit your banks site and read all the online banking material on offer.

To see how realistic the fraudsters can present an email have a look of a sample that is related to Standard Bank but note that all banks' layouts can be copied.  Click on the file name below to see a sample of a fraudulent email.

SCAM_std bank-scam-1.pdf